Sometimes it’s just something that ‘clicks’ in me. I’m an easy to turn on as a light switch. But there’s a little extra mischief there that lights up on its own. I love teasing, to drive someone so fucking crazy that they can’t control themselves anymore. I love seeing the desperation on their face, the fidgeting, the growing bulge, and the pleading look in their eyes when they just can’t wait any longer, they need me to fuck them, to make them cum. 

I’ve always done this, as long as I can remember.. I was never the one to give people what they wanted – not without making them work for it, wait for it. I still remember all the times I’d drive one of my boyfriends crazy.. I did it with him more than anyone else. I’d start off slow, catching him off-guard while he was busy doing something else, playing video games, on the computer..something he liked to do. I think he could sense the mischief sometimes. The way I’d slink into the room, maybe have my shirt a little undone, or peeking up a little.. I’d cross his line of vision, giving him a sly little look, the bedroom eyes.. and walk away. If he didn’t follow, I’d be back around, this time behind him, I’d bite his neck softly, kissing the area gently afterwards and pressing my lips right up against it.. sliding my hands down his chest and playing with the edge of his boxers a little. I might even brush right up against it, letting him feel my warm hands fondle him a little while before wandering away. By this point, he always followed, sometimes getting a little aggressive and taking the initiative to pick me up and put me on the bed.
But he never got what he wanted. I’d flip the script, pushing him down and getting on top of him, teasing him.. I wanted to make him moan my name, begging me to fuck him. I was the one in control.

Slowly the clothes would slip off.. I’d pull his shirt off, his boxers, I’d make him watch as I undid the bra and let it fall..but the panties wouldn’t come off. Then I’d start grinding my hips against him.. letting him feel my pussy soaking through the light fabric as I rubbed right up against his cock, teasing it.. but I wouldn’t fuck him yet. I’d even slide off the panties eventually and let him feel it, get the head right between those lips..maybe even go down and give it a long, wet lick, a kiss..but he was going to moan my name, he’d have to beg for it, first.

sig1I can make you moan my name..
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