Teasing Cheerleader Adriana Needs To Be Punished

Men love cheerleaders. That is a fact! Men love a teasing cheerleader even more, though. So that is exactly why I even joined the squad. That tiny outfit was acceptable to wear around school and drive everyone that looked my way crazy with lust. I knew it made such an impact on one of my counselor, though. Every time he saw me walking down the hallway it was like if I was the only one there. The way he looked at me made my pussy tingle and I knew I made his cock twitch.

Right before lunch, I stopped by his office. Of course, I was wearing that itty bitty cheerleading outfit. I sat right on the chair in front of him. I made sure I crossed my legs. I played with my hair and giggled a lot. I wanted to tease him till he couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe then he would be willing to do whatever I wanted. After awhile he walked towards the door and closed it. I felt his hands squeeze my shoulders and then heard him whisper how much he has been thinking about me. He leaned on the desk and immediately pulled his cock out. He was rock hard but what happened next was not what I expected.

My school counselor kneeled right in front of me and rubbed my inner thighs. He said he knew exactly what I needed and stood back up to give it to me. He pushed his cock in my mouth at first being very gentle. Then he asked if we could move to the little sitting area in his office. Laying on my back I thought he wanted something else. Instead, he rammed his cock in my mouth. Deep inside my pretty mouth till it hit the back of my throat till I gagged. He face fucked me till he came deep down my throat. I can’t wait to have his hot jizz for lunch again.

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