Craving A Brother Sister Sex Story?

Sometimes a slut like me likes a good brother sister sex story to tell. That’s why from time to time I like a little incest with my dirty fun. See I have an older brother, I guess not a lot of you knew that. He and I used to be extremely close until I started getting smoking hot and it got a bit awkward. To be honest I kind of liked to make him uncomfortable. Then a few weeks ago before he left home from college I gave him a time to remember.

It’s still summer here in Cali and I am still wearing tiny little jean shorts and crop tops. My brother and I were hanging out one afternoon while our parents weren’t away. The whole time my brother couldn’t take his eyes off of me. What did I do? I pretended to start getting more comfortable, one thing led to another and I ended up on his lap. That’s when all the fun started. I started wiggling and trying to adjust my shorts while I was on him. Of course, I was only doing it because I wanted to get him hard and oh, did it work!

I kept grinding. All I wanted was for him to do something.

I wanted him to bend me over, to fuck me, to take out all that sexual frustration we’ve had since I became a teen, but I got nothing. So I just kept grinding on his hard cock. I was so surprised when after only about ten minutes of me doing it, he actually started moaning and came. HOW LAME! He pushed me off and said he was sorry. Now I am wondering if my brother is a virgin? Maybe next time he is home I’ll show up at night with nothing on, maybe then he will really fuck me like I am craving.

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