Tell me my little pet, how badly do you want to cum for me right now? You sit there down on your knees, stroking your throbbing cock for me, while I tease and humiliate you! I know that your balls must be filling up so full, making them throb and ache. You’re getting weaker by the minute, I can see it in your face!

Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing tease and denial phone sex before? You should know that your favorite, seductive Mistress Madison loves to tease you during an anxiety filled, arousal enhanced session of tease and denial phone sex! I’ll have your balls so swollen and full, only to tell you “No you may not be able to cum today!” Hahaha. Do you know how hot that is, to have your Mistress deny you an orgasm that you want so much? As badly as your body wants that release, I think you know that you better listen to me.

I know how great it would be to just allow you that release, to just allow you to let all of that pent-up sexual tension out. Not today though! No today I want to focus on making you an even more frustrated and weak slave boy for me. I promise after this you will be much deeper in love with me, you’ll be so deeply addicted to me! That’s just the way I want you, and the way I intend to keep you.

I’ll keep laughing at you, taunting you, I’ll make you keep jerking your cock right up to the edge. You better not go too far though and creep over the edge and cum. It is not the right time for my teased little cock slave to cum! Right now you must focus solely on listening to my voice and obeying my every command. I do want to hear you moan and squirm, I want to hear you beg to be allowed to cum. When you think you can’t take even one more second of this torture, I will force you to endure even more cock teasing! I don’t think that you have been begging me good enough, I don’t feel the desperation in your voice. Besides domination phone sex is always about my pleasure, never yours.

Do you think you can withstand an intense Tease and Denial Phone Sex Session with me?

Mistress Madison


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