Tease and denial is how I controlled him he  thought that he was bigger and better than me. He thought he was going to take me, the best phone sex babe and turn me into his little play pet. Boy did he have things figured out all wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a total sweetheart so I can understand where he may have come up with the idea, but when you push me the wrong way I will become an entitled princess ready to give you the Tease and Denial punishment that you so deserve.

That is what this guy wound up getting too. What better way to give someone Tease and Denial fun than to use a chastity device. After all it’s my cock now and I own it. He was pretty into it at first allowing me to lock it in place nice and tight with that CB-600. I knelt down between his legs and kissed on the end of the hard plastic and started to giggle as he grew filling up the device. I pushed him back onto the bed and crawled up straddling him so that his cock locked tight was between my slit.

I began to drive him wild, masturbating with his cage like it was my own personal little dildo. He begged me to let him out, begged me to let him feel the sensations of my wet cunt all over the head of his cock. All I could do is laugh at his suffering as he continued to whimper like a sad little puppy. I continued to grind on him, I was still going to get myself off, but I realized he was enjoying it a little too much even though he was locked tight. I reached behind me and grabbed onto his balls, squeezing them in my pretty little hands.

He cried out from pleasure and pain, as I moaned with  pleasure as I came, coating his chastity device with my wetness. He begged me to let him finish, and I reminded him that I was the one in control. He begged me to remove his device too. I could not help but laugh “Why would I remove it? All your going to do is touch yourself. I don’t think you understand, I own you now,” I said laughing some more. I made him leave my place his cage still locked and the key with me, this punishment was going to last as long as I wanted it, he did not run the show, I did!

Tease and Denial Game

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Tease & Denial