Tease and Denial is definitely on the menu. There are some nights when I feel like being oh so sweet. I will do everything there is to please you and your woody. Then, there are other nights. Nights when I feel like being a little bit feisty. Those are the nights when you will get a little dose of face sitting with a side of ass worship and some Tease & Denial for dessert. Don’t worry though, I will be sure to give you my sweet juices to wash it down with, your going to need it when you are jerking your cock in the shower all alone.

How am I going to get you there you might be thinking. Well first let me start by saying, a body like mine is irresistible. Luring you back to my place is going to be super easy. Once there I will torment you with the way I move my hips when I walk. The way I gently brush up against the outside of your jeans. My favorite is going to be the way I almost make you blow your load when I sit on your lap and gently whisper all the naughty things I like to do in your ear.

By now you will be begging to have me, whimpering for me to let you please me. I will lay you back onto the ground and dance my tongue in your mouth. Your pants still on and fly in place I will grind up over you my hips swaying back and fourth. Kind of rubbing myself against you. Then as you start to salivate I will place my pussy right onto your face. I will grind myself into your mouth pleasing myself all over you as I sit onto your face.

It pleases me more to listen to your groans as your cock tries to push against the fly of my jeans. Still I will not touch you and demand your attention on me. I will turn around and make sure you can lick all over my ass took. Grab it with both of your hands and spread my ass cheeks being sure to rim my ass well. I will make sure I rub my clit in circles till I cum. It is going to feel so good to cum too. You should be jealous you won’t be cumming like I do. Don’t worry though, you can do like I already told you sweetheart. Take a shower and blow your load down the drain!

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Tease and Denial