Tease Denial: We Always Cum Harder

It was never dull talking to him, but tonight, what I never expected was his skill in tease denial. I was at home naked waiting for one of my clients to call and I was anxious to talk to him. the phone started to ring, I sat on the bed and waited until it ring twice before I answered.

“Hello there” I said,more like purred.

“Hi” he said on the other end.

I lay on the bed playing with the phone cord while it’s pressed against my ear “what do you want us to do today?” I asked.

“Something a little different” he chuckled.

I waited to hear what he might say next I could just imagine him smiling behind the phone. I got impatient quickly

“What are we doing today” I asked again?

“Shhh” was all he said.

I could hear that he was talking off his shirt on the other end of the line, I held the phone closer to my ear when I heard the sounds of his pants buckle being pulled. he was taking it all off.

“Are you ready now?” I asked when all I could hear him on the line was his huskily breathing. I was getting turned on just by the thought of him naked, how sexy his body must be and how big he is, so many things continue to play in my mind, including tease denial.

“Yes baby, are you naked?” he asked through thick breathing.

“Yes” I said softly.

“I want you to get some ice and touch your sexy tits for me and tell me how it feels when you do it.”

I got the ice and I started to touch my breasts with it, I was enjoying how aroused I was getting. I was imaging him touching me and it made me even more wet. “It feels good” I manage to say through a whisper.

“Good I am touching my dick now, what do you to do with it in your hands baby?”

I continued to play with my breast with one hand while holding the phone with the other.

I giggled in the phone and said “I want to you to beg for me to finish you off baby”

“Oh you’re trying to be a tease are you?”

“No” I denied knowing full well what I was doing to him.

“Oh yes you are, don’t be in denial baby because I want your lips on my dick”

“Is that all you want from me?” I said purring in the phone

“How is that sweet pussy of yours?” he asked jerking off.

“It’s wet baby, just for you”

“Touch it for me and make that sweet sound for me”

I touched my pussy feeling the soft moisture coming from it making moaning sounds in his ear so he could hear me. I knew he was happy when I heard him groan.

“Louder baby!! I want you to fuck yourself hard with your fingers! Picture me with my 9 inch dick fucking you hard and fast, while I jerk myself off baby.”  He said with his huskily voice.

“Yes” was all that came out of my mouth. I pushed a pillow underneath me and started to fuck myself fast, and making loud sounds all from his pleasure. I was so wet that juices were dripping on my bed.

“Are how you coming baby? “

“Yes” I shouted.

“Good come with me baby” and I came after hearing those words I could hear him groaning loudly on the phone until he was through. It’s always the best feeling when I know I can please him without seeing him face to face.

“Thank you baby”  he said, “same time next week?”

I laughed before telling him yes.

This is you and me baby, I can’t wait to cum with you…how about a little tease denial? 😉

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