The Continued Tease and Denial of My Best Friends Husband

The Tease and Denial of my best friends husband has been going on for a few months now. He constantly drives himself mad with scenarios the involve cumming for me – something that is NOT going to happen until after his knocked up wife gives birth. It was MY impregnation fantasy for him to fuck a baby into me BEFORE he got her pregnant; and he went and ruined it! He’s been paying ever since, and will continue to pay!

I get off so fucking hard on teasing him and then laughing in his face! Every time I call him up and tell him to come over so I can make him cum – he believes me. He gets in the car and rushes right over – only to yet again be teased for hours, and made to satisfy ME while he himself is forced to hold that cum. I can be a mean little bitch when I don’t get my way, and tease and denial is the perfect revenge! 🙂

Did it again today.

I called him up, and told him to come on over so I could finally let him cum for me. Sure enough, he rushed right over, to find me lounging around the house in only a pair of black boyshorts. I took him by the hand and led him away from the bedroom and into the kitchen. I made him undress for me, and without touching me, he was commanded to have a seat in one of my kitchen chairs.

He protested a bit as I tied his ankles to the legs of the chair, and his wrists to the arms. But I’m pretty good at getting what I want, so soon enough he was tied and helpless, and had been unable to touch my naked body since he walked in the door. His arms were tensing – unconsciously straining against the wrist ties; trying to get loose to reach up and cup one of those big, perfect, natural tits that were right in his face. ALMOST close enough to reach, but not quite.

I left the kitchen for a moment and came back with a bottle of baby oil.

He groaned and I saw his cock twitch as he realized what I had in my hand. Knew at that point he would get NO satisfaction today. He was here to be played with. Then he was here for tease and denial, not release. I knelt down between his legs and covered his rock hard cock and swollen balls in baby oil until they were EXTRA slippery. I took the excess on my hands and slathered it on my bare tits.

He fought his restraints a little bit harder, and I merely laughed and took his cock into my hands gently. Softly teasing. Rubbing. Playing. Just enough to torment him, but not enough for there to be a chance in hell of him cumming. I whispered all the slutty little things he loves to hear: How much tighter my pussy is. How much harder he cums inside it. How much I know he wants to take that wedding ring off of his finger and shove it deep inside my slutty homewrecking pussy. Once in a while I jerked him off fast and hard – only to stop just as I felt his balls tighten and his cock threaten to loose that load that I was determined to make him hold!

He moaned. He panted. And finally: he BEGGED.

It did him no good. My mind is made up. He will continue to be denied the pleasure of cumming for me until his wife gives birth to their baby. And possibly after that, if the idea of tease and denial still amuses me.

I’ll bet you wish you were my best friends husband! Find out for yourself what a ball-busting, cock-teasing little whore I can be!

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