There’s nothing better than a year of receiving ass worship, to secure my place on the Dean’s List. Senior year was a breeze, especially with Mr Cohen as my teacher.  Mr Cohen had a weakness for naughty girls with sexy, round, juicy asses.   He would spend most of his day – on his knees with his tongue and lips parked against and inside my sweet ass. He didn’t see the light of day – til I secured my A for the semester. Either you go to school to learn or you go to school to fuck.  The male teachers equal easy prey. <wicked lil laugh> Which equals easy good grades. Guess which one I did? Let’s just say, I earned a Master’s degree in sex, with a certificate in training men to worship my pussy and ass.

Mr.Cohen was my economics teacher in college.  It was easy getting the highest grade in his class once I figured out his weakness.  His weakness was a dead giveaway.   You see, I couldn’t help but notice, that every time I walked by his desk, his eyes would follow me. It’s like they were magnetically drawn to my ass. I truly enjoyed the pleasure of driving him nuts.  Tease and pleasing  Wearing tight jeans to show off my curvy ass. Or extremely short skirts that revealed a path from my legs to my perfect sweetheart ass.  If you were a man with a dick between your legs – you couldn’t help falling in love with my ass.  I couldn’t blame him, but I sure as hell exploited his weaknesses.  Teasing him day after day.   Giving him a little peek – spreading my legs during class and rubbing my ass each time I walked past his desk.  I had to wait until mid-term exams, to make my move.

I stayed after class and waited until everyone had left. Mr.Cohen asked how he could help me, but I ignored him. Instead, I grabbed the hem of my skirt and slowly lifted it up, showing him my panties.  Now that I had his complete attention.  The ruthless teasing began and I didn’t hold anything back.  I turned my back to him and leaned over his desk.  Waiting for him to catch his breath, as I heard him gasp with excitement.

Just as planned – he wanted to claim my hidden treasure.  Teasing him, my round firm ass was barely covered by a pair of tiny black lace panties. He came up behind me.  First I felt him, then I felt his warm breathing, as put his hands on my ass.  Rubbing my cheeks, I felt his fingers hook into the waistband of my panties.  Taking in the scent of my wet pussy panties. He started to pull them down. Placing my hands over his, I stopped him.  I commanded him to use his teeth to take them off. His teeth grazed me, as he bit the waistband and slowly moved down.  I stepped out of them, as he glanced up at the perfect view.  “Stay on your knees” I commanded him.  Eager to continue, he put his hands on the top of my cheeks. I could feel his breath on me, as he got closer to me.

“Dirty Mr. Cohen smelling me!” I whispered as I leaned forward for some more.  Without hesitation, he reached his hands up behind me.  Placing my hand on the back of his head, I pushed his face between my cheeks.  I held him there, as he moved his face back and forth, nuzzling my sweet ass.  His fingers gently rubbed me as he moaned into me. I wiggled his face against me and said teasingly “Go on, taste my tight little hole. I know you’re dying too.” A few seconds later, I felt his wet, rough tongue slide over my hole. Slowly at first, then increasing his speed.  Faster and faster, his tongue slid around my tight pink hole.  Covering me with his spit, he didn’t miss an inch of my treasure chest.  I felt the tip of his tongue poke against my hole.  Plunging deeper inside, he wriggled it back and forth. Licking, tasting, craving every nook and cranny. I pushed back against him, forcing him to go deeper. My pussy start to tingle but tried to keep control. This was about him, not me, and it was going well. His fingers were squeezing my cheeks and he was breathing hard against me.  I could feel his spit dribble down my crack.

Mr Cohen was enjoying this too much and I wanted to keep him desperate for me. I gently pushed him away and turned to face him. I reached down and rubbed him through his pants. He was so hard.  He moaned with pleasure, pushing himself upward and against my hand.  I gave him a few squeezes, as I said “If I do really well on the mid-term I might just celebrate by staying after class again.”  I let him go, grabbed my bag, and left him there, hard with only his hand for company.

I aced that test, but I think you already knew that, didn’t you?   Call me for details of how Mr Cohen continued to be my ass licking puppet.  His hunger for my ass never decreased – With this little tease — your little desire will increase.  Would you like to be my ass worship slave for a day? Endless opportunities of pleasure are yours for the taking.  Are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex?   What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing. As well as naughty talk that will trigger our inner pleasures to explode.  Get that tongue warmed up and give me a call.  Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.




Kiss Kiss


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