Pearls have always enhanced my true beauty. The way the white strand of balls wraps tightly around my neck will make any man’s cock hard. I love the way I can use them to accessorize the perfect little naughty black dress, or in the bedroom better yet. Pearls make the best playtime whenever I want to be a little kinky slut. This guy I knew thought I should be raised on a pedestal, and really I should. Then, I invited him over for some drinks, and ever since then I have been his romantic Goddess. I gave him a little then took it away with Tease and Denial!

I brought him into my beautiful home, cooked him dinner, and let him sip my sweet red wine. I had on a beautiful pair of pearls that draped perfectly between my big breasts. His eyes kept running down the strand. I knew he wanted to put his face between them. Just them I “accidently” spilled wine right between my tits. He darted across the table shoving his napkin right between my cleavage. I ordered the bad boy down bringing him to his knees. He craved these big titties, I wasn’t going to just give it to him though.

He whimpered like a sad little puppy. Nothing too harsh as far as dominating goes, I just wanted to be in charge of our sexual adventure, a little tease and denial never hurt anyone.  I walked towards the bedroom and all on his own like a good boy he followed right behind me. Once at the doorway I began to drop layers of clothing onto the floor. I was now wearing nothing but my pearls and a sexy pair of red pumps. Up my leg he kissed all the way up to my pretty pussy.

I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him into me, grinding against his hungry mouth. He could have as much dessert as he wanted.  I laid across my bed and unwrapped the pearls from around my neck.  I pushed him back and began to stuff them into my cunt. He watched with amazement as I pleasured myself. His hand was on his stiff rod as mutual masturbation ensued.

Slowly I began to remove the necklace, one bead at a time. It slid between my pussy lips with my clit sandwiched between. He went to move closer and I stuck out my long leg stopping him. I ordered him to stroke it for me, whimpering as we pleasured ourselves together. I let out a cry of bliss and began to cum, his jizz shot across and landed on me. I was his jack off muse, and that is something I was okay with. It was a hot bit of tease and denial, which I knew he would crave time after time.

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Tease and denial