Tease and Denial happen’s to be one of my favorite way to win a man’s heart! One minute I’m teasing him, the next he’s eating out of the palm of my hand begging me to let him cum! There is no better bond than the one between a begging man and his Princess!

Do you have what it takes to withstand the need to cum?

To listen to my sweet young cotton candy voice telling exactly what to do… Teasing you and pleasing you, leaving you coming back for more! Using your manly instinct against you, bending you to my will. Before you know it you will totally be eating out of the palm of my hand! Giving me everything I want and more.

You will fall in love with me, All men do. It’s pointless to try to resist me, just give in a let me be the one to give you everything that you have been needing. Think of me as the cute teen girlfriend you have always wanted but have never been able to obtain! Well, here I am! Yours if you can handle me! We can have hot phone sex, any time you want.

Come play with me baby, let me show you how it’s done! It’s called tease and denial I know I’m a young girl but I can rock your world and leave you cumming back for so much more! I can give you what your wife and/or girlfriend cannot! A hot fun amazing no strings attached orgasm filled evening! That you are sure to never forget!

Allow my sweet cotton candy voice to lull you into oblivion. Taking you on a journey through everything that you need and desire through my tease and denial session. Allowing me to be in control, giving up the power you so eagerly need to relieve yourself of. Sometimes, we all just need a break! Let me be yours!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke