Tease and denial have always been something that I thoroughly enjoyed!  There is something so sexy and erotic about it.  Using my body, words and oh so naughty mind to bring my lover just to the brink of orgasm, before denying him the ultimate satisfaction.  Over and over again I choose to tease and deny until he is begging for that sweet release.

Let the tease and denial begin!

When my lover called, I had already envisioned the effects my tease and denial would have on him. Loving how sexy he sounded when he asked me, what I was doing right now.  Teasingly I responded that I had just gotten out of the shower.   Knowing it would drive him crazy; I told him I was still wet and had not even had a chance to dry off yet.   The sexy moan that came from him let me know he was imagining my ebony body is still glistening wet. Ready to hear his reaction I said, “Too bad that you are my here to lick me dry.”

Knowing he was disappointed he missed the opportunity, turned me on even more. He asked if I had plans for tonight. I told him no, I was just going to dry off and put lotion all over my body. Wanting to keep the tease going, I asked him if he wanted to lotion me. Hearing him picking up his keys, before answering yes let me know I had him right where I wanted him. He was ripe for tease and denial tonight. Knowing full well he lived at least 15 minutes away, I told him “I hope you can make in it 10.” Setting the timer on my phone for 10 minutes hung up and continued to dry off.

He made it!!

Amazed to hear him pull up so fast, I looked out the window and it was him.   Picking up my phone to check the timer it was 9 minutes and 48 seconds.   Wrapping my towel around my naked body I made him wait outside ringing the doorbell until the timer said 12 minutes and 10 seconds before I opened the door.  Flashing that sexy smile, he kissed me on my cheek.  I then held up the phone and told him he was late.  I giggled and invited him in.  Locking the door behind him he followed me to my bedroom like a dog looking for his ebony pussy.

I laid on the bed, the towel exposing my legs and shoulders gave hints of what was underneath.  Handing him my favorite moisturizer and placing my foot in his hands he began at my feet.   Taking his time massaging and kissing each toe he seductively pleased his ebony goddess.  Working his way up my long leg to my caramel thighs his touch was incredible.   His masculine hand massaging and grazing again my out pussy lips felt amazing and sensual.  Saturating his hands again he began to work my fingers, arms then finally my perfectly round breast.

I was so horny by then!

Watching his tongue flick back and forth on my swollen nipples had me hot.   Rubbing my soft toes over his hard dick let me know he was just as hot as I was.    I order him to get undressed.   I wanted to see that throbbing hard.   He quickly undressed as I got on my knees and held his cock in one hand and massaged his balls with the other.   Moaning as I stroked him faster and faster.   The precum oozing over my finger, his balls getting tighter like they are ready to push a massive load then I stop.

Grabbing his arm I pull him on the bed, he laid flat but that dick was standing at attention.   I sat on his face giving him a perfect view of my spectacular ebony ass while his tongue began to tongue fuck my tight ebony pussy.   My hands stroking his thick cock as I teased the head with my tongue.   Moving your tongue to my tight asshole drove me crazy.  Your tongue rimming my sweet little asshole made me cum so hard.   Just as you are about to squirt too I remove my hand from your cock.

Since you were such a good boy you can have one too!

I delighted in seductively kissing his cock head while continuing to slide my throbbing pussy and asshole over his tongue was incredible.  I was tingling all over.   Turning around to meet his hard cock with my wet ebony pussy, I slide every inch of him inside of me.  Bending down to kiss his lips as I rode his cock was of erotic.    “You made me cum so good”, I told him as I work my pussy up and down on his cock.   “You were such a good boy; you can pump this pussy until you cum.”  Before I could finish my sentence I could feel him explode his edged load inside of my tight wet ebony pussy.

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