The Teachers View on Naughty Jillian

Want to know how the teacher felt about our little naughty fun? (read my thoughts here) Now you don’t have to guess!
I stood at the front of the room attempting to give the lessons for the day. But I had a problem. My problem was naughty Jillian. Blonde, gorgeous, and currently not wearing any panties under her skirt. She kept shifting in her seat, allowing me to see straight between her legs. For weeks I had been masturbating to thoughts of her. Thankfully the bell rang signaling not only the end of class but the end of the day as well. I sat at my desk for a few moments willing my cock to subside.
As I drove away from the school I saw Jillian walking down the sidewalk. For some reason I stopped beside her and called out her name. She looked over, saw it was me, smiled, and walked over to the car. Seating herself in the passenger seat she looked at me and smiled seductively.
“Um, Jillian we have something we need to discuss.”
“And what’s that Mr. Daniels?”
“Well it’s how you’ve been dressing lately.”
“I know you’ve been looking. And I can tell you’re enjoying it. I see that cock twitch in your pants every time you get a glimpse.”
“Yes, um, that’s the problem.”
She leaned over towards me. “Do you want me to stop? Do you want me to stop showing you my little pussy?”
“No, Yes. I want…”
“Yes Mr Daniels? What do you want?”
“I want… I want to make you an offer.”
“Do you now?”
“How would you like to never do any homework or worry about tests in my class again?”
“And what would I have to do for that?”
“That would depend on what grade you wanted.” I swallowed, my throat was tightening up. Clearing my throat I continued. “Oral sex will get you a D. Normal vanilla sex is a C. Anal is a B”
“Anal ‘s only a B? What gets me an A?”
“For an A,” I turned to look at her. “Your body becomes my plaything. I can have full use of it.”
“Well, I’m surprised. I didn’t expect anything like that.”
She sat there for a bit. I don’t know whether she was thinking, or just making me sweat.
“I know what I want. I want that A, and you can have whatever you want.”
Soon we arrived at my home and she walked to the couch and sat down. Spreading her legs she looked up and said, “So teacher, what is it you need from me?”
My breath caught in my throat and my cock was throbbing in my pants. “Oh my sweet young Jillian! You are going to be my naughty little whore aren’t you? You’re going to let me pleasure myself, and you, however I see fit!”
I walked over and took her hand, stood her up, and bent her over the arm of the couch. Quickly I began fumbling with my pants, finally getting them open and my cock out. Quickly I plunged into her. I wanted that pussy. I wanted to cover her in my cum. Quickly I pulled out and came over her ass. Breathing heavily I stood her up, turned her around and kissed her. I then picked her up and headed toward my bedroom, shedding my shoes and pants along the way. I laid her down on the bed and began to remove my shirt.Β She did the same, quickly naked on my bed!
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