Teacher Tells All

Teacher Tells All; Roxy’s Confession Of Schooling Her Student to serve and worship. Becoming an obedient student has been pretty easy for this subbie. But it’s easy when the subbie knows that the crop is sitting close by if needed.  He’s got a favorite place to worship me though and I’ll be glad to share it with you too. In fact, it might even make him jealous to see you between my ass cheeks. Eating my ass makes him so hard! But just imagine how great it would be to have you doing it in front of him and making him sit and watch.

And since I’m the teacher, and teacher tells all, I’ll get right to the good part.  The other day I decided to test my ass worshiper. In a tight pair of spandex after I’d been working out for an hour I rubbed my ass right across his sleeping face. What a perfect wake up call! The aroma made his eyes openly quickly and follow those cheeks pushed tight together in my shorts.

“Do you want a taste of my morning dew?”, I asked. He shook his head and licked his lips hardly able to contain himself.  Making him pull them down with his teeth, his nose slid down the middle of those sweaty cheeks. Grabbing the back of his head I shoved his face right in between them. Teasing him with my naughty talk while I left my scent all over his face. But I didn’t stop there.

I pulled away and turned around and looked down at him. Then slowly backing away making him follow me on his hands and knees. I sat down on my leather desk chair pulling my legs back and exposing my little starfish to him again.

Making the student beg

Instructing him to get up on his knees and stroke his cock for me, he obeyed. I’ve never seen him so eager to please! He is coming along quite well I must say.  I reached down with my feet, rubbing his balls, making him leak pre cum all over the top of my feet and then forcing him to lick it up. Then grabbing his hair and shoving his face back between my legs. “Eat up buttercup”, I said as I banged his mouth into my ass again.

Making him stroke and eat made him cum quickly. Quicker than I had wanted him too. And as a smiled spread across my face I told him what a bad boy he was and that it was time for his next punishment. Can you guys what I made him do?

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