Getting That A: My Favorite Teacher Student Sex Story

Teacher student sex – who doesn’t like naughty tales of teacher student fucking? If this is your thing, then definitely keep on reading this amazingly kinky memory of mine!

I could see the sunlight breaking through the clouds as I lazily checked exam number 28 out of 40. The exams were taking far more time than I wanted to give them, and the realization that I was the last person on campus only made my nerves ache in agony. Clicking through Sophie McMillan’s definition of the digestive system only made my stomach grumble for the avocado on toast I’d forgotten at home. I was so immersed in my hunger and frustration that I didn’t hear the door opening.

“M-miss Carmen?” The voice made me jump in my chair.

I turned around to see Sophie in the room, wearing a fairly tight blouse above her tiny little short skirt.

“Yes, Sophie?” I asked inquisitively, “Why are you here? You have summer vacation, right?”

“Um, yes, Miss Carmen,” she blushed, looking all so cute.

“So? How come you’re at college?”

“I am…” she hesitated, “I need at least 90% on my final to get an A and I really want that since I want to apply to MIT for my Masters. So I need the best possible transcript, you see.”

She began rambling on quickly, stuttering around much too quickly for me to comprehend. However, I got the gist of it. She was aiming to use teacher student sex to get her way. Well, this would definitely get interesting…

“I’m sorry, Sophie,” I replied, “but you are getting around 85%. I just graded your final exam.”

The look of anguish on her face was too adorable to ignore. I turned my attention towards those newly developed breasts of hers. And I could feel I was smiling and I knew she had noticed where my gaze was fixated.

“What if I gave you some extra motivation to recheck my exam, Miss Carmen,” she asked as she softly walked towards me.

“Oh?” I replied with composure, “Now what would that be?”

She undid the strap of her high skirt, revealing a thin waist that I feasted on with my eyes. I wanted to go further, but I liked this teaching job and I didn’t want to mess it up like this.

“I don’t think teacher student sex is very appropriate, Sophie,” I calmly said.

“Oh, it’s not?” she replied with innocence, stroking her thigh and letting out soft moans. They made my mind whirl, quickly losing sight of my teacher manual.

“Don’t you think this is more appropriate, Miss Carmen?” she cooed as she ran her finger down inside her frilled panties.

Okay. So perhaps I could make an exception this time. I leaned in and kissed her soft skin, gently revealing more and consuming it.  So I gobbled up her taste, which was much more strawberries and cream than avocado toast.

I wondered how a sweet girl like her could be able to do this so easily for grades, as I scraped off the bra from her breasts. That revealed two firm and perky globes that were demanding some serious attention. However, as soon as I touched them, she clasped her hand around my wrist. Before I could even blink, she had me bending over my desk.

She massaged my ass and made me moan. Sophie was quick, but her touch and movements were always measured. She removed my jeans and my panties with a devious grin. I was squealing in pleasure the next second, only realizing moments later that she had her mouth around my pussy and her fingers pushing my asshole. As I was moaning in delight with each lick, and she had synced her hand to move just when her tongue stopped. I was writhing with pleasure, my breath accelerating as I came into her mouth, oozing out warm, thick liquid on her face.

“Oh, Miss Carmen,” she whispered into my ear, hugging me from behind, “you are so hot. You’ve got me so wet.”

The emphasis she laid on that made my thighs squirm again. This girl was quite the expert, and I was willing to enhance her knowledge with some of my well-appreciated expertise. What followed was an intense fuck session, far dirtier and sensual than any classroom experience I’d ever had before. I ate her out with dirty passion, feasting on her pussy and lapping up her cum like a thirsty slut. It was, mmm, oh so fucking delicious!

Once we were done, we kissed each other, sharing each other’s juices and basking in post-orgasm glow.

“So, about that A…” she asked innocently.

“Do me again tomorrow and you’ll have earned it,” I replied, grinning deviously.

It would take a lot more than one teacher student sex session for her to change my mind!

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