Teacher student roleplay

Laying stomach side across the desk. My ass is poking straight out and my skirt is pulled up over my ass. What do you want this student to do to you? Isn’t this how you see your teacher student roleplay going down? You have always wanted to feel desired by a younger girl. I desire you, and I have wanted you now for so long. Don’t lie, you knew I was chasing you. You knew how bad I wanted you. You felt your student seducing you from a mile away. But the truth is you liked it. Because it felt good to be desired by your student. You get a thrill out of the chase. But only when it’s your student chasing you right? It’s the hot young girls you like. Well this student has you all alone now. Naughty things can happen between teachers and students unsupervised.

And trust me when I say getting you alone was so easy. It was a little too easy. Now that I have you here I will have what I want. What I want is to drop to my knees and work that cock hard. I have thought about you inside my mouth over and over. Now let me show you how amazing my mouth feels. My soft lips wrapped around you just stroking you. I am about to be your favorite student ever. My tongue is like magic on your cock. The tricks this naughty student can do will make you twitch. Then once I have made your cock throb I will give you something better. Then bend your naughty student over your desk. Lift up my skirt and do bad things to me. Better do it while you have the chance.

Opportunity knocks for you

How many chances will come around for you to play with a student. I am sure not that many. The time to act is now while I am laying across a desk for you. Give my ass a spank. Because you know you have always wanted to spank a student before. How deep do you want to see this teacher student roleplay go? Let’s go deeper than ever before. Fuck me! Because we both know you want it. Sex with your student is your real fantasy. Take me how you want me. I am a kinky girl that loves all sex positions. Get behind me and give it to me hard. Because I know my teacher can make me cum. Fuck me all over the classroom and on the students desk. Or maybe you will continue to be shy and I’ll just take it from you.

I did have to seduce you after all. Maybe you need me to take control of you thoroughly. I can do it! A little taboo fantasy has never scared me away. I am completely open to taboo phone sex. It’s dirty and kinky but hey that’s me. I’m a kinky girl! Which is why you should do a teacher student roleplay.

Open Pandora’s box and read my school girl sex stories! But you could just call me and let me tell you all my secrets. Because hearing me confess is way better.