I think I missed my calling because I’d be an amazing Teacher.

 I love teenagers and all the boy’s eyes would be on me if I was their Teacher educating them. Knowing all sorts of fun things and I wouldn’t be afraid to keep the bad boys in detention. Of course, I’d have to test them on what they’ve learned and oral exams would be mandatory. Especially for those sexy boys who play for the football team, with their muscular bodies that scream out to be touched.

 I’d take full advantage of my Teacher authority and do whatever I wanted to the boys. Damn, somebody’s pussy is getting all juicy. I’m not the only one who likes the idea of me being a naughty Teacher though, Johnathan wants to call me Miss and do extra credit.

 I put my hair up in a bun and wore a white blouse with a short black skirt. I left the first couple of buttons undone so he could see my bra and didn’t bother wearing any panties because bad little Johnathan was about to take an oral exam.

When the doorbell went I grabbed a ruler and tried to act strictly as I let him in.

“You’re two minutes late,” I said, sounding angry and smacked him on the arm with the ruler. “Come on,” I told him and he followed me to the bedroom. “Show me what you’ve learned,” I said and he started stripping for me, doing it slowly so I could see his muscles rippling.

 It was so hot having a man make an effort for me and I licked my lips as my pussy got wet. I watched as he took off his boxers, showing me his semi-hard dick and I stood in front of him. I put the ruler under the tip of his dick and said: “What is this?” He blushed and said sorry and I tapped his head lightly with the ruler. “You’re supposed to be paying attention to me. Now, remember what I told you about pleasing a woman and eating her pussy? You’re going to show me that you listened by taking an oral exam.”

I dropped the ruler and grabbed the hem of my skirt, pulling it up to my hips.

He gave his dick a few strokes then got down on his knees. I took a step forward, putting my pussy over his face and he reached up, holding my hips as his breath tickled me. His tongue flicked over my inner thighs before moving across my lips, teasing me as I tried to stay still.

 He slowly slid his tongue inside and licked just along the inner part of my lips, the rough wetness making me groan. He lapped at me, gradually going in deeper as he licked over my pussy walls. It felt good and I pressed down on his mouth, rubbing my pussy on him as I grabbed the back of his head so I could keep him there.

He gave me long sweeps, licking up my juices as my clit ached. I ground against him as my pussy gushed and juices covered his face. His tongue slid up to my clit and began rubbing it in circles, moving constantly until I felt like I was dying. I groaned and shoved his face into me as I came on him, smothering him as I lost control.

When I was done I let him go and stepped back, giving him a chance to breathe. He looked up at me with pussy juices all over his mouth and I undid my blouse. “You’re getting a new lesson today,” I told him and couldn’t stop smiling.

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