I never thought I’d say this but I like school. Getting a good grade in college is a thousand times easier and more fun than it was in high school. I don’t think I’ve opened a textbook once since starting college. I may have opened my legs and mouth a few times though.

I took a look at my grades recently and saw that I wasn’t doing so well in one of my classes. I was complaining about it to my friend Sabrina and it turns out she’s failing the same class. We talked about what we could do to bring our grades up and I came up with the perfect idea. I emailed our teacher, Mr. Dawson, and asked if Sabrina and I could talk to him privately about our grades. He told us to meet him in his office at 4pm.

We arrived on time and knocked on his door. He let us in and we sat down in front of his desk. I told him that we’d love to do extra credit to bump our grades up to an A. I leaned forward so he could get a good look down my low cut top and asked if he had any ideas of what we could do. He said that we were smart enough to figure something out and looked at us. I stood up and started unbuttoning my top. I dropped it on the floor and Sabrina stood beside me. She hooked her fingers into my skirt and panties and slowly pulled them down. I stepped out of them and parted my legs. Sabrina put her hands on my hips and licked my pussy lips. She parted them with her fingers and slid her tongue in. I heard Mr. Dawson unzip his pants and moan. I looked at him and saw he was jerking himself off. I stepped away from Sabrina and went to Mr. Dawson. I knelt down in front of him and leaned forward, taking his dick in my hand. I stroked him slowly while Sabrina got undressed. She cleared the desk and sat on the edge of it. I stopped stroking Mr. Dawson and told him to stand up. He did and I pushed him down on the desk so he was lying on his back. I climbed on top of him and straddled him. I rubbed my pussy against the tip of his dick, teasing him before lowering myself down. When I got all of him inside I began to ride him. Mr. Dawson moaned loudly and Sabrina decided to keep him quiet. She straddled Mr. Dawson’s face and lowered her pussy over his mouth. Mr. Dawson pushed his hips up, pushing deeper in me. I rode him harder and felt an orgasm coming. As I came I clenched my pussy muscles tight around him. I felt him tense up as hot cum filled me and dripped down my inner thighs. I climbed off him and went to Sabrina. She was grinding her pussy against his mouth, her head tossed back and moaning. She came with a cry and got off Mr. Dawson. His face was wet from her juices.

I asked Mr. Dawson if we had earned an A. He was too busy trying to catch his breath to answer and just gave us a weak nod. It’s a good feeling to get another semester’s work done.