Teacher/student hate fucking fun!

Teacher and student roleplay is one of my favorite fantasies. Guys often come to me and I want to express their fantasies and make them come true. And when they come to me with teacher and student roleplay it makes me so happy because I was a little slut when I was in school. And there was a teacher who acted like he hated me so much every single time I would open my mouth. I would correct him if he would say a word wrong or correct him if he was going off of something that wasn’t in the history book and he would get so mad at me and force me to go to the office.

Mr. Bose was my history teacher when I was in high school and he hated me so much. All the girls in school would talk about how hot he was and I could agree, but I felt like he was such a fucking douche. Well, one day left history class in a bit of a rage and left my purse in the classroom. I didn’t remember until the 7th hour that I had left my purse in Mr. Bose’s classroom. He didn’t have a class then and I was really hoping that he didn’t leave yet so I ran up to his room and his door was locked. I look inside and I can see him standing by his desk facing the opposite wall so I knocked really hard and he came to the door. Of course, he looked a little unhappy to see me so I just rolled my eyes and told him that I had left my purse in his classroom. He let me know to go ahead and look around.

There were a couple of tables where I had to look under to see if my purse was there, and I have this weird feeling that I was being watched very carefully. I was wearing a very short skirt that day and was bending over very far. I saw my purse under a stack of chairs in the corner of the room, someone must have accidentally kicked it under there. So I got on my hands and knees and crawled underneath with my ass up in the air to grab my purse. Mr. Bose had come and sat behind me on one of the desks. He laughed as I stood up and dusted my knees off. I looked at him and wonder what the problem was. He told me to come to talk to him so I did and I stood there looking very unamused and asked him what he wanted. He told me that he was sorry for the way that he acts towards me.

I was a little thrown by the comment but I smiled and told him that it was alright. I started to walk away and suddenly felt my arm be pulled back. I asked Mr. Bose to let me go but he pulled me in closer to him. Before I knew it he was kissing me and grabbing my ass. Was this why he had always been so rude towards me? Did he just secretly want to fuck me? I never been fucked by a teacher before but I was so turned on and soaking wet. His hand was all over my ass in my panties and I just wanted his cock buried deep inside of my tight little teen pussy…

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