Teacher/student hate fucking fun!

Teacher and student storytime continued…
Mr. Bose was just grabbing at my ass and pinching and pulling my panties down. And all I could think about was him ramming his cock deep inside of my tight little teen pussy. I set my ass up on a desk and spread my legs so far so that he could feel the heat of my pussy against his bulge. He reached down between my thighs and totally rubbed his hand up against my soaking wet panties. He looked down and smirked.. Then looked up at me and licks his lips. I could not believe that I was doing this with a teacher of all people. But something about this felt so right. We had not been the best teacher and student relationship ever because we practically hated each other but this was going to go down as the best fuck that has ever happened.

I could hear students walking by his classroom and I was getting so scared that we would get caught. But he assured me that nobody would be coming in. Because I had a reputation to uphold and I did not need to get into big trouble for this. Of course, I couldn’t help but feel like this was so fucking hot. He continued to rub my pussy on the outside of my panties.. And then he pulled them off. He spread my legs so fucking far and push me back onto the desk. My pussy was ready for him.

He began to pull up my little shirt and my bra. Revealing my perky teen tits and making my nipples incredibly hard, he begins sucking on my little nipples. Then he moved all the way down my tight belly… then begins kissing up to my knees.. And all the way back down to my smooth, pink, dripping wet pussy. My teacher was just lapping up my pussy! I could not believe this shit. He was pulling my pussy lips apart and sticking his tongue deep inside of me. I was ready to fucking explode! He grabbed onto my tits and flicked my clit until I squirted all over his fucking face.

Next, he stood back up, wiped his face off, kissed me, and started pulling out his incredibly long uncircumcised cock. I bit my lip as he slid his rock hard dick up against my tight little cunt. Then he shoved his cock into my pussy. I could hear the wetness of my pussy as he shoved it inside! Then he grabs my legs and starts fucking me so hard! Starts rubbing my clit and watches my tits bounce around.. I could not hold it inside of me anymore. I needed to cum and I needed to do it now. My teacher starts fucking me harder and harder and the next thing that I know I am squirting all over him and the desk. The desk that we fucked on was the desk that belongs to the principal’s daughter.

It was the best fuck that I had in high school. And the only time that I had fucked a teacher. I grabbed my purse and my backpack and skipped out his door, adjusting my skirt on the way out. But I totally left my panties on his floor.


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