I don’t have any real teacher sex stories, but I do have a real teacher sex fantasy.

I wish this fantasy was something I could share as one of my real, actually happened teacher sex stories! It’s hot as a long, ongoing masturbation fodder fantasy anyway, I think. But you can be the judge for yourself, k? 😉

Growing up, I tended to be the teacher’s pet whether I wanted to or not. I was always the object/apple of the pedagogical eye in the classroom. Part of the blessing and curse that is being brilliant, I guess! Of all the teachers and professors I had throughout my years of schooling, there was one professor I always had the extra hots for . . . and always wondered if she felt the same way about me.

She was my Video teacher in college. With salt and pepper gray hair, she was distinguished and dapper. Her wit knew no ends. And I wanted her. But what turned me on most was the idea of her watching me fuck someone else more than her and me having sex, per se. I wanted to give her the lesson. And I wanted her to be as rapt with attention as I was during her classes.

In a film class, there’s naturally a lot of pleasure in sitting in a dark room and watching something unfold. Feminist film theorists term this watching “voyeuristic scopophilia.” That’s the kind of erotic pleasure I wanted to give my professor as she sat watching me bring another student to orgasm.

Part of the fantasy would be pretending I didn’t know she was watching. Like a character onscreen in a movie, I’d continue to fuck my classmates (one of the many other college girls) senseless regardless of an audience’s presence. But she and I would both know that I knew she was watching. And that idea has always really turned me on.

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