Teacher sex stories, How I was a good Schoolgirl!

Teacher sex stories, How I was a good young school girl. You know us, college girls, always trying to get the best grades possible, That’s why I just had to change my grade when I got a C-. I went to my teacher’s office to tell him there must be some kind of mistake. walking into his office I felt nervous and I just couldn’t take no for an answer. My grade has to be raised. “Hello Kylie, college,” My teacher said sitting at his desk and one leg folded over his other. His fingertips to his lips he looked very content and focused on me. ” So I would like to speak with you about getting this grade raised”. He looked down at the piece of paper. “Oh yes I remember this paper,” he said his lips curling at the edges, he looked very menacing.

Teacher sex stories, a college girl.

Looking around his office uncomfortably, all I could think is should I sit or just stand here in the awkward silence. “Come sit, we should have an adult chat” he opened his hands as if to show me to sit on his lap. My breath caught in my chest, So I walked to him and sat down on his lap. Because I wiggled a little as I sat down I instantly knew my teacher was hard as a rock, pressed against my ass. I moaned a little as I felt the length of him pressed between my ass cheeks. “So you want to change your grade” his voice deep and husky “yes” my words barely a whisper. He took his hands and placed them on each side of my face, He kissed me.

Our fiery kiss grew to something more passionate and full of need and this is my teacher sex stories. For Hot Phone sex call me!!

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