I’ve read a lot of teacher sex stories. I thought it time that I share one of my own. This is one that involved me as a summer school teacher and some hot teen sex. It was my first-day teaching at the high school. I was in college still but my former high school needed some help over the summer. There were a few seniors that they allowed walking but had to take this class in order to get their diploma. I walked in and saw a group of 10 guys sitting in a cluster. They were laughing and talking but as I walked in they quieted. One whistled at me as I took my place at the head of the class.

I told him that was inappropriate and tried to get everything started. Introducing myself, I explained a little about myself and asked them to do the same. They all had the same story. All were on the football team and had missed a little credit that they had to make up now or they wouldn’t fully graduate. It was pretty obvious that this was going to be a difficult bunch because they kept making sexual comments to me. I was trying to keep things from going too far but they weren’t having it.

As I told the class was done they all stood up and came to the front of the class. One started kissing my neck and as I tried to push him off of me another one came up behind me and held my arms. I’m all for teacher sex stories but I had no clue my first day of teaching was going to turn into one. I tried fighting them off at first but it was pretty obvious that I was not going to be able to fend off 10 football players. I finally gave in and just went with it. Well, if it’s going to happen I might as well make it enjoyable. Believe me, they made it that!

They pushed me down on my knees and took turns making me suck their cocks. After they all got a little turn they picked me up and bent me over my desk and took turns fucking my tight pussy. Only a couple of them had the guts to cum inside of me. The rest of them came either on my tits or in my mouth.

Teacher Sex Stories are HOT!!

The rest of the summer was full of fun. I always had one or more of them fucking me each day. Even now that they have gone off to college I still get visits from them. A couple of them have asked me to visit them at college. Those are stories for another time though! Until then, let’s have some fun of our own! I know you love my free sex stories so give me a call and I’ll share more teacher sex stories in your hot phone sex experience!