Teacher Sex Stories: My History Teacher Was So Hot!

We all have those teachers that we would fuck in a heartbeat if given the chance, and I am no exception! I had quite a few teachers that I had a fascination with, but this one is about a history teacher that caught my eye! Buckle up, because this edition of my teacher sex stories is sure to be a hot one!

The bell was ringing, so I stood up to grab my books and head to my next class. The history teacher, Mr. Jefferson, called my name. I walked up to his desk, where he asked me to stay after school to get caught up on some homework that I had been missing. My heart skipped a beat, and my pussy started to get wet. I had been fantasizing about this moment for a while now, and I could not wait to see what he had in store for me!

My classmates filed out, one by one until the only people left were us.

He walked to the door and closed it, locking it. He walked towards me, my heart jumping into my throat, and grabbed my face, kissing me. I couldn’t help but kiss him back, while he started to run his hands over my ass and tits. I moaned into his lips and I felt him smile at knowing what he was doing to me, so I deepened the kiss.

He leads me over to his desk and bent me over.

I felt his hands pull my panties down and feel my dripping wet pussy. “Already wet for me, sweetheart?” I moaned in excitement as he unzipped his pants and shoved his cock into me. He grabbed my hips and pounded his cock into me, making me take every inch of his delightfully hard dick. He pumps me, so hard, making me cry out in pleasure.

My teacher pulls his cock out of me, pulled me around to my knees. He holds my mouth open as he shoots his cum all over the inside of my mouth. I so happily swallowed every drop, savoring this gift that my teacher had given me. I stood up, put my panties back on, and left the classroom with a new vigor, excited for what the next time would bring!

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