Teacher Sex Stories ~ age play phone sex or reality?

Let me guess YOU wished that one of your hot teachers & one of the cheerleaders fucking. That you were able to join their sexual encounter, maybe by blackmail them even. Teacher Sex Stories always turn me on. They either involve older men and tight young sluts like I was. Or they involve young men and Milfs like I AM. LOL

When I was younger I loved the feel of that hard wooden desk against my front. Being the unmovable object I was trapped between that rock hard cock of the teacher. LOL ok, I still love it. The feel of a powerful male body thrusting me is so exhilarating. His hands digging in pulling me back onto his cock. While the desk prevents my moving away so every thrust is brutal. An older man can last hours before he orgasms if he cares too. And let me tell you… I walk very funny afterwards. Lord I love being that sore. The front of my entire body battered by the desk, my ass by his hips, my clit by his balls… BUT my back, thighs, stomach everywhere inside bruised from cumming so many times.

Then again, younger men can do the same thing… if they can recharge between their own orgasms without losing the strength in their cock. But then that is the fun of being a MILF phone sex operator. I can now teach the men how NOT to cum… as well as how to bend me over the desk. Plus teach all the tricks to cause a woman to cum so intensely she has micro orgasms afterwards. And orgasm so often that she has NO CLUE how long they were fucking LOL. There are advantages to being a MILF.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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