My Teacher Sex Stories will blow your mind away. I have so many to share. Straight out of college I didn’t have any boundaries when it comes to teasing guys of all ages. (wink wink) Even the moms weren’t off-limits. Most of my regular caller know I use to be a sexy teacher. I consider myself a teen boys dream. (Wicked LiL Grin) As a matter of fact… I’m every man’s wildest dream.

Every day began a new chapter in my My Teacher Sex Stories. It was always a new was an adventure in shaping (stroking) a young boys mind (cock) with my sexy body. When I’m feeling horny I deliberately go to school wearing an extremely low-cut top or a very short skirt. Sometimes I wouldn’t wear panties. Tease tease – making them drop to their knees. I imagined his rock hard cocks hiding under the desks. Sitting on my desk teasing them with my sexy long legs and bare wet pussy. Flirting with their dirty little minds, as I stand at the blackboard.

I bet the flashbacks of your sixth-grade teacher’s sexy short skirt and silky stockings still make your cock twitch with excitement. Still stocking covered legs bring back many happy memories for a lot of men. I remember the naughty games I would play to “encourage” my horny students into getting good grades. Especially when practicing their oral skills. (Wink) Rubbing softly against the young boy’s arm with my hard nipples. Within seconds I could feel my own fuck juice trickling down my legs. Each day was filled with endless temptations.

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