Teacher sex stories are always super erotic for both men and females alike. Something about that taboo relationship with that older and younger girl when the vulnerability is so there for both is extraordinarily hot. Well, I remember my first encounter with this such incident. It was around this time of year, right before back to school. Sometimes, teachers would come early to start setting up their classrooms and often times students would stop in to drop off their supplies. I was in the hallway getting my locker decorated when I noticed one such teacher roaming the halls. He was new and had you could tell eager to teach all of us hot bodies by the smiles and winks we exchanged.

Teacher Sex Stories: Cumming Out Just In Time For Back To School!

I did not have a class with this teacher, but I made my way to his classroom none the less. After stepping in and waiting for a moment outside of his office I realized I was not the only girl with this in mind. 5minutess late an older classman stepped out adjusting her lipgloss and hair. Silly whore couldn’t even make it to get the best part. He was excited to see me. Stepping inside of the classroom I adusted my short skirty leaning against his desk. He matched eyes with me before following my blonde locks down towards my young breast. I could practically hear his mouth fill with saliva as his hunger for me grew.

Not to mention it was becoming difficult for his to hide his package.

The more I flirted with him the harder he began to bite his lip. In no time my subtle moves across his desk had wound up with him right between his legs. There was really only one thing for him to do, and that was dive face first into my rather delicious teen pussy. It did not take him long to drown away all of this sorrows in the most perfect place on earth. He though we were alone as he whimpered into my young cunt, but my best friend watched on the other side of my facetime. We did not know how, but we knew this would be helpful with our futures!

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