Teacher Sex Stories

Teacher Sex Stories Are So Hot But I’m Not Your Typical Teacher. Mommy’s large lactating breasts need to be drained! That fetish that’s been dormant needs to awaken. Those dreams that have been written in your little black book, well mommy knows all about it. But don’t worry sweetie, because your lactating teacher is here and wants to feed you that warm, sweet milk made just for you.

Roxy knows what’s good for you! In fact, protein makes those jaws of yours stronger so that you can nurse longer. Just watch what happens when I squeeze my nipples. All those little milk ducts open up and drops of milk just keep draining out. And when you pucker up those lips and I let my nipple slide over the top of them, that milk glass will always make the perfect milk mustache for you.

And what better way to lube up your rock hard cock for mommy than using some breast milk. When they are full and ready to burst, you will get a nice squirt, won’t you! The perfect position is always with mommy on top. Leaking down that milk on your face. It’s only fair that when mommy gives you protein I need some in return. Those little seeds that you hold inside your nuts keep mommy lactating you know! That’s why I need to keep that cum coming so I’ll always be your milk mommy. It’s like those erotic sex stories we’ve read about, but this time you are the star.

School’s In Session

You’ve got lots to learn from me so the teaching has just begun. Once you get a taste for breast milk you won’t ever want another type of drink. MILF milk is what Roxy calls it, but you can just call it all yours! I’m ready to teach; are you ready to be the student? Mommy Roxy is available all this week Monday to Friday 7 AM to 1 PM and 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM, Saturday 7 AM to noon and 9:30 PM to late, Sunday 9:30 PM to late! Or email me for an appointment time! Are you ready to get dirty because I sure am!