Your teacher Ms. Kate is going to dominate you

I’ve asked you to stay after class. I’ve got plans to dominate you. Plans to teach you a lesson.

I’m perched on the edge of your desk. My ass barely fitting. “Are you ready for your lesson?” You look up at me nervously as I have locked the door and you can tell I have something in mind. Something I wouldn’t usually do. You feel like you’re in trouble and I’m going to punish you. Maybe I will just a little;)

I stand up, leaning over so you get full view of my cleavage, something I have noticed you staring at. Something you will be punished for. “It’s not appropriate for you to stare me so much.” You look down. “Now get on your knees for Ms. Kate. You’re going to beg for me. Show me how much you actually want me.”

You get on your knees. “Now kiss my feet. Be a good boy. Don’t question me.” You’re so quiet, such a good listener. You lean down and do as you’re told. “Kiss both of them.” You comply. A very good boy indeed. I’m impressed. You must be just young enough to do as you’re told without pissing off Ms. Kate. However, I’m still pretty pissed at you and I could use a release.

I reach up my skirt and pull my panties down. “Now you’re going to be a good boy and bury your face in Ms. Kate’s pussy. You owe me an orgasm for all that awful staring you’ve been doing.” You stare at me with your mouth open, jaw almost on the ground.

I can tell you’ve never been treated this way and I fucking love it.

I hike up my skirt and come close enough for you to get a nice good look at my pussy before I shove your face into it. “Lick it bitch.” You slide your tongue out even though you’re trying to pull away. Eventually, you realize it’s no use. You give in and you really start going to town. I think you’re really starting to like how I dominate you.

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