Teacher Gets Taught

When I was a little brat I used to get into all kinds of trouble. I went through this phase where I skipped a lot of school, and never turned in any work. It did not take me very long to fall behind and my teacher was right on my ass because of it. I decided that I would go ahead and meet him after class to discuss my options. He started by being completely optimistic that if I did not start attending my classes and on time I would not make it to the next grade. That was something that I would not allow.

I sat onto the edge of his desk and took his tie into my hand. He gulped his saliva into his stomach as I removed my shoe and began to fumble his cock with my foot. He groaned and I pulled forward taking his mouth into my own. I also did something that was well, a little bit bad. I turned my cell phone video camera on and sat it on the ledge of the board so it would record everything that was going to happen. I stood up and exchanged positions with him, having him lay across the desk so I could get to his cock.

I began to suck the cock of the teacher. He groaned and was completely into it. I wanted him to think he was in heaven. I took his cock and began to stroke it leaning my head down to his balls. Only I was not gentle. I took them into my teeth and squeezed his cock hard. He raised up screaming ow. With his ball in my mouth I instructed him that this was my cock now. He did not answer so I squeezed harder. He agreed right away. That is when I also let him know he had been blackmailed and pointed out the smart phone. He had no problems allowing me to pass that year, and I did not ever have to go to class.

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