‘Ms. Romano was always so mean to me. It seemed like no matter how much I tried to do a good job in her class she still gave me a hard time. My friends thought it was funny, when Ms. Romano would make me do extra work or when she would threaten to call my parents if she caught me talking in class again. I just couldn’t figure out what her problem with me was until one day she told me that I would have to stay after school because, once again I was “in trouble”.

Ms. Romano was about 5’8″ with heels, long brunette hair, classic teacher glasses and about a C-cup. After everyone had left the room she told me to lock the door. I was nervous because she had the meanest look on her face. After I locked the door she told me to walk over to her. She said that because of my bad behavior she was going to have to teach me a real lesson. When she asked me if I had ever taken a cock in my pussy before I told her the truth. I said no. She told me to remove my panties. Just as they dropped to the floor the door to the storage closet in the room opened.

I recognized the guy that came out. He was Principal Williams. He was naked and his cock was sticking straight out, sort of like a missile. Ms. Romano said that because of my disobedience she wanted me to drop to my knees and open my mouth. When I obeyed Principal Williams walked over to me and placed his dick inside of my mouth. Ms. Romano told me to suck his cock. She told me to suck it good if I wanted to get a passing grade for the semester. I sucked and sucked until Principal Williams’ knees started to shake. He had to pull away because he said that he wanted save his cum for my young pussy.

Ms. Romano had removed her clothes while I was sucking Principal Williams’ cock. She told me to lay down on her desk and spread my legs really wide. Principal Williams wasted no time climbing on top of me and inserting his cock inside of my virgin pussy. It was so tight that he had to bite me hard on my nipple while he broke through my cherry. I heard my pussy pop and the pain that followed caused a single tear to drop from eye. The pleasure of feeling Principal Williams grind and pump me full of his cock made me moan loud and clinch his back with my nails and feet.

I was too loud for Ms. Romano. So she climbed on top of my face and stuffed my mouth with her wet pussy. It had a little hair on it and her clit was fat and juicy. The more I moaned, the more she smashed her pussy into my mouth. She smelled so good. I licked her ass hole too. It was all so kinky and sexy. Ms. Romano tongue kissed Principal Williams as he fucked me missionary and she faced him while she rode my face. Principal Williams started fucking me really hard, which caused me to moan louder. This mad Ms. Romano stuff my face with her pussy even more. She kept telling Principal Williams to get me pregnant.

When he bust his nut inside of me I feel that Ms. Romano came in mouth at the exact same time moment. My pussy was oozing with Principal Williams creamy cum and my mouth was drooling globs of Ms. Romano’s delicious pussy juices. We were all exhausted, but my legs were weak from coming so hard on Principal Williams’ large cock. Parent Teacher Conferences were the following week. My parents were extremely please to hear that their little Jen was doing extremely well in school. Principal Williams made a point to tell my parents just how outstanding I was. Ms. Romano said that I was her star pupil. They both told my parents that they would like it if I stayed behind at school everyday for extra credit to ensure that I continued down the right path.

My parents agreed. It was a VERY interesting school year.



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