My teacher begged for a bratty teen JOI session with me.

I know you’ve been wanting to have a bratty teen JOI session with me forever. Of course, I always say no cause I am a brat of course. There’s got to be something really good in it for me or I’m not interested. Do you like the special outfit I’m wearing today? I picked it out just to drive you crazy! Look at the way this short plaid skirt shows off my long lean legs and my cute little bubble butt! My top is so snug too that it outlines my perky breasts perfectly and you can even see my little nipples poking against the front of it.

This outfit makes you want a bratty teen JOI session with me even more, doesn’t it? I can see the bulge raising up in the front of your pants. Watch me while I bend over in front of your desk nice and slow. Enjoy the sight of my perfect round bubble butt on full display. My white thong is so tiny that it looks like a piece of floss between my cheeks when my skirt rides up. Suddenly you’re looking pretty uncomfortable. I wonder why?

I’m not surprised that you asked me to stay after class. After all, you’re practically drooling over there. From the look of that bulge straining against the front of your khakis, someone is going to have some serious blue balls tonight! That is unless you convince me somehow to help you out with that. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you though. See, there really isn’t anything you can give me that I don’t already have. My boyfriend already spoils me like crazy! He buys me anything I want and then some!

If I get you off what’s in it for me?

When you offer an A for some JOI of course I agree. The bratty teen in me just can’t resist teasing the fuck out of you, especially when it’s at your expense. Once all of the other students leave, I have your full undivided attention. Of course, I use that to my full advantage. You only get to look though – no touching! I bend over and wriggle my hot ass right in your face while you grab your dick through your pants. Slide that zipper down and take that dick out.

Grip it nice and tight and stroke it for me. Imagine what I would look like completely naked. Don’t cum yet though. I want to edge you and have you really aching for me. Don’t think I’m going to strip naked for you because that’s definitely not going to happen! If you’re lucky I might let you see my bra and get a better look at my panties though. You’re going to have to offer me a whole lot more than a simple A if you want to see what I’ve got under these panties. Believe me, it will be worth every penny. You’ve got a panty fetish too don’t you? I have the sweetest tightest pussy ever. Maybe if you try hard enough, you’ll come up with a reason for me to let you come.

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