Let Me Teach You A Lesson!

I worked as a real estate agent for a while. I really liked it but the only thing that irked the shit out of me were picky clients! These bastards were the worst because no matter how many apartments or houses you would show them it was never good enough! This one guy pushed me to the limit and I ended up doing something to him that I never thought that I would do. I had to teach him a lesson.

His name was Lawrence and he had me show him like a million homes. None of them was right. From the price to the location, to the size of the tiles on the bathroom floor. NOTHING WAS RIGHT FOR THIS GUY! I had to figure out how to teach him a lesson.

I don’t know what it was about this particular day of being out with him but, for some reason, I had finally had enough. So I had brought him to what I thought was going to be the perfect fit for him. Of course, he started complaining as soon as I opened the door. By the time we made it to the dining room, I felt like ripping his fucking eyes out.

After he complained and rolled his eyes, I told him that I wanted to show him something special in the house that would definitely help him to change his mind about it. I told him to follow me down to the basement. Led him to a door and said, “Lawrence, I have a really good feeling that you will love what is behind this door. I know I do.”

When I opened the door he went in first and BAM!

I cracked him upside the head with a two-by-four that was laying on the floor. When he came to, he was hog-tied and prepped for being my personal sex slave. I stood over him with my black heels directly in front of his face and I said, “You are going to pay today for all of the shit you have put through!” I forced his head to the side with my heeled shoe. So I made him look at all of the cameras in the room.

I had every angle of his ass covered! I told him that if he even THOUGHT about going to the police or reporting what was about to happen to him that I would blackmail his ass so fast and send the vid out to all of his family and friends. What I did to him over the next 8 hours, I cannot divulge here on this blog. Let’s just say that I used the following “toys” very methodically and not with one bit of hesitation:

👠Ball Humbler

👠Cock Ring




👠Dog Leash

👠Hot Wax

👠Nipple Clamps



👠Butt Plugs


👠Dildo Face Harness

👠Drilldo and LOTS AND LOTS OF LUBE!!!!!

I think I got my point across with Lawrence because he accepted the house. I love win-wins don’t you?

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