rape boyfriend

This is something that I love to reminisce about. My boyfriend thought he was pulling one over on me and began cheating on me with the neighborhood slut. I can’t explain how pissed I was the moment I looked at his phone and found a wet fucking twat staring back at me that wasn’t mine! There was no reason for him to cheat on me AND with that whore who would just smile in my face when ever she would cash me out at the neighborhood Piggly Wiggly!? I felt betrayed, disrespected and pissed the fuck off!

Sometimes you guys forget that us gals have feelings too. That we have the capacity to find things out. Like if you’re cheating with another slut or if you spend the day with said slut and fuck her on a regular basis only to tell us that you are “out with the boys”. But it’s okay because in the end I got my revenge…on both him and Ms. Wiggly!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

This is what happened when my rage got the best of me:

I Raped My Boyfriend




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