My sexy neighbor’s husband sits on my couch, with a huge erection

throbbing; he has no idea the level of lingerie tease and ass sniffing I’m about to put down on him!

I’m 21 and he’s almost old enough to be my dad, but he’s so FINE. He sneaks over to my place after I’m home from university classes. I stand in front of him while seductively applying peach lipgloss, reaching a hand down to lightly rub his rock-hard cock through his boxers. I know he is thinking about serving me up some ass sniffing and what a lingerie tease I am!

I’m wearing black heels and modeling a black teddy, with matching thigh highs and a garter belt. I slowly pull out my perky, small tits and pull the teddy down to my waist. I strut over to him and straddle his lap, feeling his thick cock pressing into my damp crotch. So I know exactly what’s on his mind – ass sniffing and licking.

“Do you want this sweet ass? Do you want me naked?”

He groans and smacks my jiggly ass cheek and replies,”fuck yes, I want this sexy thing in my face.”
I pull off my teddy, revealing no panties and only wearing my black garter belt and thigh highs. I instruct him to lay on the ground. Then I stand right above his face, letting his gaze upon my luscious, thick cheeks. So I twerk and jiggle them around.

I plop my thick booty right down on his face! He knows what to do, he takes his hands and grabs and pulls on my ass cheeks. He spreads them apart and I hear take long sniffs, almost like drags, of my little rosebud’s odor. Then he sniffs and groans into my little tight hole.

“Enough smelling, I want your tongue fucking my asshole right now!”
He sticks his tongue deep in my ass, I start moaning and bucking my ass deeper into his face. I reach down and grab his thick cock and start jerking it. My big booty cheeks are practically suffocating him! He bits and nibbles on each side, then go back into my ass crack and lick the entire area up and down.
His cock is throbbing and I’m rubbing the head hard and fast, his pre-cum squirting moistening the shaft.
“Cum for me while you’re eating this sweet ass!”

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