So. I had an ultrasound appointment last Wednesday to check in on my little biracial angel, and possibly find out the baby’s sex. (I did by the way, but I’m not telling just yet!) Davon had to work, Jay (the other possible baby daddy for those that don’t remember) and Daddy were in court that morning, and of course my brother is back at school, so I had to go alone. (My mom is useless about this sort of thing. She probably had yoga class. Or a massage. Or some weird spiritual healing session to attend.

Being the arm candy trophy wife of a hot successful lawyer is stressful! Her diamond slippers are probably chafing her feet again.)  I was a little miffed at Davon – he should have asked for the day off to go with me! He knows I’m not comfortable with driving myself at this point. Sports cars and baby bellies DO NOT mix! When I decided to call for a taxi to take me to my appointment.

Had no idea that by the end of the trip, I would have some RED HOT taxi sex with a BBC stranger!

I got myself ready because well, you know – us Queens of Spades have to look our best, even at 24 weeks pregnant! I was putting on my prettiest strappy sandals to go with my breezy sun dress and gathering up my purse when I heard a honk outside the condo. The cab was here! I sprayed a little puff of Chanel in the air and walked through the light misting on my way out the door. There. Perfect.

I hopped into the cab without really looking up, confirming my destination with the driver. Sexy voice, I thought to myself while I rummaged around in my purse to make sure I had my insurance card before we took off. I looked up when the driver asked if I was ready to go, and for a moment, I was… flustered! Me! BBC and Cuckold Queen! Bratty Humiliation Princess Extraordinaire! I was looking into the eyes of one of THE most gorgeous black men I’ve ever seen in my life! He was clearly mixed, his very dark skin in major contrast to his light, greenish blue eyes!

I couldn’t help staring at what looked like a scattering of freckles! Across his nose and cheeks. Remarkable! I wondered what our babies would look like briefly, before I laughed to myself a little and rubbed my already-pregnant belly. Suddenly I became aware of him staring at me, while I was staring at HIM. I felt myself blushing. What the hell? I don’t blush! I’m turning into a regular girl here! He kept his eyes on me in the rear view and simply said, “My mom is white. and also a redhead. When I don’t shave my head and let my hair grow out, it’s red too.”

I felt like a moron because I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was – exquisite!

He asked for the address of the medical complex and I wordlessly handed him their card, which has the address stamped on it. Then he caught a flash of the tiny Queen of Spades tattoo on the inside of my wrist, and smiled. I smiled back, coming to myself again finally, thank god! And thank god I’d gotten dressed up and taken the time to put on my makeup and curl my hair! I know, I know. I’m pregnant. But. I’m not dead! OR blind. And this guy was just – too beautiful to pass up! I sensed taxi sex in my near future!

As we were driving, he asked casually why I was going to my appointment alone. I explained the baby’s daddy, Davon, couldn’t get off from work to go with me. He looked back at me in the rear view again and told me that he had an hour lunch coming up. He said he could go to my appointment with me if I wanted. How sweet! But the appointment was still over an hour away, I’d left extra early in case of lunchtime traffic. I looked right into his eyes in the rearview and informed him that I would love to keep him company during his lunch instead, until time for my appointment. He casually asked where I’d like to go, and I told him to choose. I was sure he knew of many secluded places to park and have lunch – he drove around the city all day, every day.

If he wanted have some hot taxi sex with a pretty white pregnant princess, he would take me to one of them!

We pulled into one of the city parks, driving back to one of the shelters people rented for outdoor parties. It was deserted. He asked me if I wanted to get out and walk around. Again, I looked him right in those gorgeous, strange green-blue eyes, and told him I’d prefer to get in the back seat – with him – instead. He smiled; knowing he was about to get SUPER lucky and have extra hot taxi sex with a pregnant and hormonal white she devil!

Let’s talk.
I’ll give you all the dirty details of what happened in the back seat then. For now, I will say this: it was the hottest taxi sex I’ve ever had in my life, and possibly in the top 5 sexual experiences of my life, period! I took his number when he dropped me off. And I’m sooooooooo going to use it! Shhh! Don’t tell Davon!

I might be a mommy now, but this leopard isn’t the least bit interested in changing her spots! 

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