Taught a Lesson part 2 : Bound & Confined

Don’t Miss part 1 My Skin was cold and the steel table I was bound to made me even colder. The room was dank and I could faintly hear water dripping. I was alone. I felt the sting of rope burn on my wrists and I struggled against the tight confines. How did I get myself into this?

Fucking Daisy, and her stupid brother. Leave it to her to hold a grudge. Then I remembered. Manny, where the fuck was Manny?

I began writhing and twisting against the ropes that bound me. Manny had tied me face down with my arms behind my back and bound me at the wrists. He had also bound my legs together, I felt the knots above my ass, and down my legs as I tried to get loose. There were also ropes horizontally crossing my back, securing me to the table. Manny had to have been a boy scout, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t break free.

Footsteps shuffled across the dirty cement floor. They grew closer.

” My, aren’t you a sight,” He said as he walked around the table as if I were a new car. His fingertips feathered my skin. I cringed.

“Please let me go, Sir, these ropes are hurting me” I whined.

” Oh but I can’t do that, you see I made a promise to my niece that I would teach you a lesson. You can’t fuck around with our family like that Anna.  JT loved you, and you broke his heart. How could you be so cruel?” He said sounding like a very concerned parent, instead of an Uncle.

All I could think was how Daisy had fuckin planned this! That fuckin little bitch!

I was scared. At this point, I do the only thing I knew to do. I began to beg” Please Manny, I didn’t mean to hurt JT. I just wasn’t in love with him. He wanted more than I did. PLEASE, this is all a misunderstanding. JT and I are still friends. If you let me loose, I can better explain myself, PLEASE!”

He Slammed his hands hard on the steel table, jarring me. ” FRIENDS?, Haha! Is that a joke? JT hates you, and so does Daisy, if fact our whole family hates you for being such a nasty little whore! JT hasn’t been right since he was going to ask you to marry him Anna, and you ruined it. Our Family welcomed you, and you SHIT all over the US!” He snatched my hair, making me crane my neck, and the ropes that bound me pulled tight against my shoulders. ” I’m going to hurt you, just like you hurt JT, Anna”

My eyes stung with tears, and my face grew red-hot.

Manny slapped my face hard. I cried out, begging him to stop. He spat on my face. ” You fucking CUNT, I’ll teach you to fuck with my family”  I struggled harder against the ropes that bound me.

I couldn’t see behind me. Manny was out of sight. But I could hear.

Something hard and long slammed on the table beside me. ” You like being fucked, Anna? Do you Like being a WHORE?  that’s what our family knows you as the fucking REDHEADED WHORE!… well now if you love getting fucked, you’re going to love THIS!!!”

Manny shook a very large dildo at me, he slapped it all over my face, it sounded wet against my tears. Then Manny’s full form came into view. He had taken the already large dildo and mounted it on the end of a painter’s stick.

” NOOOooooo, God PLEASE No!” I began to scream, and struggle.

He disappeared. Then I felt his hands prying my ass cheeks apart, he pushed against my asshole with his big rough fingers. I screamed, I was so tense, so scared. There was no lube, not even a droplet of spit. The Dildo was huge.

He shoved hard between my cheeks. The head of the rubber cock invading my clenched star. He plunged deep into me, forcing me deep into my asshole. I screamed out in sheer pain.

” You’re HURTING ME! PLeassssse STOP IT! You’re RIPPING ME OPEN!!!!” I cried out to him through a snotty, spitty mess. Mu muscles tightened, as well as the ropes that bound me. I couldn’t go anywhere, I was helpless.

He held the handle of that painter’s stick and forcefully raped my asshole, over and over again. My cries & pleas went unheard, as he fucked me until he got tired. Manny left the dildo deep in my ass. Once he felt he had exacted revenge for his beloved nephew, he finished himself off by skull fucking me and depositing his bitter baby batter in my mouth and all over my face.

” One word of this to anyone BITCH, and I promise… next time you will be obliterated. He put a pocket knife in my hand and closed the warehouse door on his way out.

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