Babysitter Sex Stories: young slut loves to tease her boss

Teasing men is my favorite pass time activity. I love making grown men cum through their pants. They are such easy prey. All you really have to do is flash a pretty smile while wearing a sexy revealing outfit and they become like candy in the palm of your hand.  Let me tell you guys about one of my all-time favorite babysitter sex stories. How I made my boss shoot cum all down his pants leg. He came home early one day. I always had a crush on him. He was the older sexy mature type but I really liked his wife a lot.

So I didn’t wanna fuck him just play with him a little before I went home that day. I decided to play some. Going into the bathroom. I stripped down to just my bra and panties. Knowing he was going to be so horny once he saw me made me even more excited to do it. Walking out in my sexy red bra and lace purple panties. So the office door wide open. Sitting down in his chair knowing he would be in there soon. Soon as he walked in seeing his cock erupt through his pants. Asking me what I was doing, and telling me to put on some clothes.

Saying no, starting to rub on my soft smooth skin

Licking my lips. He started sweating and trembling. Loving every minute of it I put my feet up on his desk. Asking him if he wanted to see my pretty pussy his mouth was saying no, but his dick was yelling hell yea. I Unbutton my bra. Then I slowly slid it off. He almost creamed right then and there as I was rubbing on my hard pink nipples. I knew I was driving him wild. He wanted to touch his self so bad. I start spitting on my breast while I cuff them and spreading my legs wide open for him to see.

I cuffed my breast with one hand while the other hand I started rubbing my pussy through my panties. He couldn’t handle it. He yelped really loud and ran out. Yay! I had just accomplished what I wanted. I was able to keep my job with the family and I noticed him checking me out way more after that day. This became one of my many babysitter sex stories.

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