Audio Sex Stories: Your cum is my ultimate weakness

Keep listening to my new audio sex stories to hear just how dirty I really am.

I love to eat cum. The taste of it is amazing. Getting on my knees and spreading my lips far apart. Just waiting for your sweet load. My cum fetish is never truly satisfied. I need taste cum more than I need water. The taste is like heaven to me. I want a bottle of cum to put on everything. Maybe I should just hire a live-in boyfriend who I can use just for his cum any takers? Getting him off multiple times a day and collecting his sweet load. Is my ultimate dream.

Nothing compares to the feeling of sucking a huge cock.

Making him moan oh so loud while I bob my head up and down on it. Playing with his balls first with my hand then changing to my mouth. God, I love the taste of a mature cock. When he pushes my head down on it making sure I can’t breathe is the best! Why would I need air when I am here to satisfy you. Make me your dirty little slave. I will only worship you. Pull my hair baby and choke me, prove to me I am yours I will do anything for your cum.  Don’t make me beg but I definitely will. I hate to be teased but I know you love to punish me and I will take anything you got if it means I get to taste you. Having so much power over me makes you so happy. I love it too.

My pussy is yours. soaking wet like always.

I love to be used and abused by you. Nothing makes me cum harder than you forcing me to do so. fingering my pussy just watching you naked. Your cock makes me extremely wet. I am always ready for you.  Now you’re telling me to suck harder and go faster and I love it. Getting you so close. I can almost taste your cum. I tug on your balls which I know you love while I swallow your cock whole. You yell loudly in a quick motion opening my mouth loudly. Feeling your hot sweet load fill my mouth up. Swallowing every drop it makes me cum too. Your cum is my addiction, and I am not ready to seek help.

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