The Taste of Another Man

My clit was still throbbing as I heard my boyfriend’s car pull into the driveway.  I jumped up and quickly pushed my black stallion of a lover out the back of the house.  My heart was racing, beads of sweat ran down my face, and I was terrified I had been caught.  The excitement of an affair always has this downside.  I ran back to the bedroom to brush my hair and try and look like I wasn’t just getting pounded by another man.

My boyfriend opened the door and yelled hello to me.  I had just enough time to wipe the stream of fresh cum from my thigh before he appeared in the doorway.  With no time to get dressed, the poor bastard thought I was naked for him.  I felt a little bad as he rushed over to kiss my mouth and work his way down my tight body.  Could feel more cum and pussy juicy dripping from my cunt.  The thought of his cock getting covered in another man’s cum made me so fucking hot.  I needed to fuck him!  Needed to share my used up cunt with him!

I got down on my knees and took his throbbing cock out of his pants.

I worked my warm tongue up and down his shaft, sucking his balls, making sure he was so turned on he wouldn’t notice another man’s cum inside of me.  He lifted me up and threw me onto our bed, spreading me wide as he plunged his tongue deep inside.  The thought of him eating another man’s cum drove me wild!  I could hear him drinking up my pussy juice as he moaned in pleasure.  Who knew my boyfriend was such a cum slut.

My legs began to shake as I felt an orgasm welling up inside.  I told him to get up and lay down on the bed.  Wanted to see his face as I fucked him with my cum filled cunt.  I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum so I bucked and road him wildly, making sure I got mine as well.  My pussy walls clenched and I felt another rush of pussy juice squirt out of me.  He let out a deep groan as he released his load.  Playfully, I told him to lick me clean as I slid his cock out.  He laughed and, without hesitation, rejected the thought.  Silly fuck, if only you knew….

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