The shower was amazing and I want more.  With my towel around me, I walk to the bed and, leaving one foot on the carpet, I put the other on the bed.  I slowly move my hands down my body, over my breast, my erect nipples, and down my stomach.

I reach my left hand further down and open my pussy lips to reveal the damp, pink folds within.  To avoid cumming too quickly, I cautiously allow desire to guide me.  My right hand continues the same path as the left and, using only my index finger, I begin to rub my clit slowly, attempting to keep the heat between my legs from igniting.  You’ve placed a mirror in just the right position so I clearly see what I’m doing.  I see your reflection in the mirror and, by the look on your face, I know you’re enjoying watching my hands work their magic between my legs.

As I rub my clit, my middle finger dips between my lips and into my hole.  I am already wet.  You move closer to me and the mirror and you see my opened pussy lips and pink folds which are beginning to glisten as my juices begin to flow onto my fingers.  I see you unzip your pants and, after releasing your beautiful cock, your hands begin working their magic as well.  With your right, you begin to stroke him slowly while your left reaches underneath to massage your balls.  The fire inside my cunt has ignited.

I remove my finger from my sopping hole and slowly push it back towards my asshole.  I bend over enough my asshole is visible to you and, as I begin moving my hips and ass, I circle the puckered rosebud with my wet finger.

You’re stroking your cock faster and I feel like a naughty bitch in heat.

The feeling, as I push the tip of my finger into my asshole, is amazing. I want you to see how I finger fuck my asshole when you’re not there to do it for me.  Once my dirty hole is slick, I reach for the butt plug on my nightstand.  I imagine it’s your cock as I slide it deep inside and bend over even more to show you.

After taking my dildo from my nightstand, I lay down on the floor with my legs open wide.  I slowly begin to inch the dildo into my dripping cunt as my finger continues to rub my now engorged clit.  I pause rubbing briefly and, bringing the tip of my finger to my mouth, I lick my pussy juices clean.  Your strokes become more rapid and I want to lick the pre-cum from the head of your cock.


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