Tantalizing Foot Fetish. Fuck My Little Feet!

What follows, is a tantalizing foot fetish. The under-mentioned, under-appreciated, and under-loved foot! Do you have any idea what delicate little toes feel like on your tongue, Baby? No? Then you have NO IDEA what you’re missing! Can you close your eyes and try to imagine your mouth as the warm bowl of whipped cream it feels like to the woman? To have a tongue dancing over your stockings, down over the heel. How it incites a passion before unknown to her.

Fetishism, By virtue of the meaning, is to achieve sexual gratification, linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc…So, to think of the foot as an object of fetishism is perfectly natural. Why? Because no one really pays attention to feet. Well, almost no one. Everyone seems so into anal these days; like Ass Seen on T.V.! LOL

Tantalizing Foot Fetish Anyone?

I am lucky enough to have found a gem of a man, who ABSOLUTELY LOVES my perfect little tootsies. Thank GOD! Now, I’m not talking normal care given to pretty little feet that a man doesn’t mind looking at or, touching. I’m talking FULL ON adoration and exaltation.

Yeah. This man simply adores my feet! To the degree that if they were detachable, he might just take them home with him! He kisses them, sucks them, licks them, and sometimes opts to sleep upside down in the bed in order to be closer to them. Giggle

I mean, it doesn’t really replace actual fucking for me. But it’s damn close! The way he works my feet makes my pussy as wet as anything else I’ve ever experienced sexually. And, I believe it’s because I don’t consider it all sexual as much as sensual. There is a difference, you know.

For the Love of a Tantalizing Foot Fetish

The loving ways he’s instructed me on stroking his cock with my insoles, rubbing up and down bringing him to the edge of climax. Me the Master and he is always a slave to my feet. I stroke him over his head and back down the shaft, coaxing him to spurt his creamy cum all over them; bathing them in a deliciously warm bath of him. So good.

The feeling of him cumming on me penetrates all the way to my soul. I just want to have him with me all day and night for the love he gives to me. And, my perfect little feet, of course. So, since that first meeting where he made love to my feet, I can never let him go. I crave the attention he gives them and I wonder, why it took me so long to discover this sublime practice.

So, You THINK You’re Ready for a Tantalizing Foot Fetish?

We meet at least once a week for our “sessions”. He carries me from my front door to the bedroom. Why, because, he doesn’t want my baby soft feet touching the ground, or even getting dust on them! He takes me higher with each encounter! Want to know his secrets? I’ll share them! Or, maybe you think you could adore my feet more than my man? Well, maybe you can. We’ll have to see about that. Won’t we?. Call me for your fix of fetish phone sex.


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