Tales of naughtiness: A Rule 34 collection of hot stories

It’s been a hot minute since I flexed out and made some rule 34 stories. Last week we had fun baby girl’s vibrating panties. This week sit back and enjoy a few pairings. Such as Deadpool and Pinkie pie, Boosette and her boos, and of course star fire and Robin. After these stories get you all hot and bothered to give us a to get some hot phone sex!

Rule 34: Deadpool and Pinkie Pie


“Come on pinkie” Deadpool pleaded with the young pink pony. She huffed and turned her back to him showing off her hindquarters.  He reached out his hand to caress her. Meanwhile, Pinkie pie shuddered. Suddenly memories of previous encounters with Deadpool flooded her mind.  The feeling of his hand caressing her and him tugging on her manes. Her legs quivered as he put his strong hands between her and simultaneously rubbed. ” I can feel the heat of your pussy, you want me” he growled her face went especially red. She hated that he had this effect on her. Deadpool pulled up his mask to expose his tongue and kneeled down hands on both pinkies hips. He stretched out his pink tongue and slowly licked up her slit. As a result, her hips began to wiggle.

His warm hands rubbed up and down her inner thighs and she gave in more. Soft moans escaped her lips as he stood up behind her and sunk his cock home in her tight pony pussy. Deadpool rocked his hips back and forth. Sinking his shaft in and out her pussy juices coating his cock.  He pressed his fingers tighter and pounded harder. Pinkie Pie’s Pony Pussy quivered and came nevertheless his on slot of hard fucking continued.

“PINKIE IM CUMMING ITS UNICORN TIMEEEE” He shouted as he pumped rope after rope into her well-used pony lover.

Deadpool collapsed behind her. Pinkie turned around. She stuck out her long tongue and wrapped it around his still throbbing cock. She licked and sucked her juices clean off and sighed in content.

Rule 34: Boosette and the Boo’s

Boosette laid on her bed bored and horny. She wanted someone to play with her little pussy. Likewise, she decided she was gonna get her boo minions to lick her with their long tounges. But how she thought.  She laid on her bed tracing her fingers in between her large soft white tits. Rolling her pink nipples between her skillful fingers. Her breast and nipples reminded her of cupcakes. With this in mind, she knew she had a plan.

She giggled and thought of the whipped cream down in the kitchen. She hopped up her breast spilling out completely of her top. Boosette floated down the castle stairs towards the kitchen.  Boosette opened up her fridge and pulled out the whipped cream.  As she spread the cool white cream over her tits and her little pink nippled popped through. The next step, to get them to come to her.

For this purpose of her plan, she opened her soft pink lips to call her ghost…

Boosette called out to her boo and two of them floated in. They looked at her cream covered tits curiously. The larger of the two flipped his tongue out and licked her left breast slowly.  Boosette face flushed as she whimpered. She hopped on the counter and popped more cream on her. This time she put it on her little pink pussy. The large one began to lick even more slowly on her creamy tits. Suddenly the little one floated between her legs and quickly lapped. Boosette let out a soft cry of pleasure as little boo’s tongue began to explore the tight walls of her pussy. Licking in and out and rubbing against her g-spot.

She moaned loudly as big boo began simultaneously, to suck on her nipples. It felt so amazing. Little boo decided to be mischievous and snuck his tongue up her tight ass. Boosette screamed out in pleasure as her body shook and she came particularly hard.

Rule 34: Robin and Starfire


Robin sas taking a nap on the couch. He was exhausted from a hard day fighting crime with his team. This team included his sex-crazy cock-hungry girlfriend Starfire. As soon as Robin closed his eyes she snuck in.

Starfire slunk across the floor and pulled out Robbin’s huge cock. She slid her lips up and down. Robin’s eyes popped up and he threw his head back in pleasure.

His cock slut girlfriend particularly gave the best head he had ever gotten. The way she wagged and flicked her tongue and she took inch by inch was intoxicating.  He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer as she sped up milking his member. Robin couldn’t hold back any longer and he exploded in star fires mouth. She gulped down every last drop of cum.

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