Incest love story.  I was young when I discovered my first crush. I sat across from him at our dinner table, our rooms were adjacent to each other, and our parents on the other side of the house. My brother, only a few years older than me, was an absolute GOD in my eyes.

We were both teens, when I began to question my own motives with my big brother. I remember catching him several times, peeking through a crack in our shared bathroom door, watching me dress, undress and shower. I always pretended not to notice, but I will admit, I did show off while I soaped myself.

The night I recall, that I remember most vividly about him. I was in my room, door closed, reading. I heard his TV on, and I heard a lot of moaning, and oooooing and ahhhing. I put my book down, opened my door, and proceeded to knock on his. I stopped myself. Looking down, I saw the light of his lamp showing through the bottom of the door. I got down on my knees and looked at him, through the crack. There my brother sat, on his bed, stroking his rather large cock. ( Clearly I didn’t know how wrong I was by calling him needle dick, when we fought) He fucked his hand, and I couldnt help but to think how good it looked. That shiny wet cock, slipping in and out of his grasp. His muscles tensed, and his body tightened… and he turned, pulled the lamp string and went to sleep.

I went Back to my room, so turned on.I felt the wetness between my legs, and I knew that I wanted him. I wanted My brother in the worst way. This was wrong.I knew that.  This was Incest.

But I couldn’t help it. I wanted him. I wanted every part of me to replace his hand.

My Brother, My protector, my dirty secret crush.

I went into his room the next night. More curious than the night before. I didn’t even knock…

He threw the cover over him, and tried to flip the channel. I Smiled, looking at the TV screen….

The scrambled channels played on the TV, you know, the cable XXX channels. Every once in a while you could see a pussy, pair of tits, or a cock, but you could always HEAR.

Me :   Whatcha doing?

Him:   Nothing, get out Anna!

Me:   No, I don’t think I will, see because I know a little something on you now.

Him:   Oh, yeah, go and fucking tell em’, tell em’ Im in here watching porn, I don’t care.

Me:   That’s not what I was going to tell them *grins*

Him:   What then?

Me:   I know you watch me in the bathroom!

Him:   Shhhhh! I do NOT!

Me:   Yes you do, and I also know that you Jerk off watching scrambled tits on TV!

Him:   No I don’t Anna! Get out! NOW!

Me:    Okayyy, But I hate to wake mom and dad, they have been working so much lately, and I know they are going to be pissed! *opens his Door*

Him:   WAIT!!!!!…. What do you want Anna??

Me:   *grins, closing the door*

Call me to hear the rest of my story…some taboo family fun, or Maybe you and I could finish what my Brother and I started.

Brother – Sister phone sex