I love going on adventures. I’ll drive my car on the highway for miles, just exploring. Meeting new people, new cities, towns, rivers.. About a year ago, I decided to take the train. The train station is always advertising on the radio about how they can take you anywhere, to the mountains, to the beach, to the capital of the state in just a few hours. I got excited and wanted to try it..after all, you get some of the most beautiful photos from trains. So, being an adventurous person, I decided to take it solo. And I end up paying for it.

The train station was no big deal. I’m from Los Angeles, I know terminals and hectic environments like the back of my hand. I got a ticket for the train heading to the beach. It wouldn’t take long, and I didn’t feel like changing there, so I was wearing a black bikini under a breezy, little pink top and jean cut-offs. I got to my seat and sat tight for a while..but then I got bored. So I got up, making it look like I was going to the bathroom, but I wandered around for a while.. Before I got on, I saw the train had an outer area with a railing, almost like a balcony, all around the cars near the back. So I wandered around until I found a door, and got some nice fresh air outside.

I was watching the city skyline fade away, the train was so loud that I didn’t even hear the door open again behind me. Before I could even think, I was up against the wall, almost off my feet. A guy was strangling me a little, choking  me just enough that I could see him threateningly wave a knife in the air with his other hand. I didn’t need to hear him to know what he meant. He was wearing a black bandanna over the lower half of his face and he picked me up just a little, sliding off those little shorts like nothing. I struggled, trying to push him off and even slapping him, nails out like claws – but he choked me harder then, holding the knife to my throat this time. I couldn’t fucking believe it – me, of all people, always on guard, on edge, ready to ‘take on the world’, as I always said. And he’d come out of nowhere and was about to rape me. There was nothing I could do this time. Nothing could save me, if I fought him off he’d just make it worse. So as he picked me back up and pulled his cock out, I just shut my eyes until I could feel him pound it inside. Fuck!
He started going faster. Harder. I could feel his breath on my neck, and eventually he pulled down the bandanna so he could breathe better. He didn’t let up – it was rough, fast, he was pushing me against the train every time and sometimes sinking his teeth into my neck whenever I tried to push him away. It was rape in every sense of the word…until it wasn’t.
Something changed. Something felt good. I always loved it rough, why would this be any different? He wasn’t going to slow down, he didn’t care if he hurt me. He was giving me every ounce of uncontrolled lust that he had..and suddenly, I fucking loved it. A stranger I might never see again – an attractive one, muscled and strong enough to throw me around like a rag doll.
Suddenly..it wasn’t rape anymore.

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