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Got MILFS? We make the mind swirl as we walk through the door in short dresses, push up bras and heels. Tit’s fluffed and pussy’s shaved we’re the kinky MILF’s others wish they could be. It just can’t be helped that all the guys swoon and day dream about playing with our goodies.

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There’s a sweet young boy that lives in the house between us. Head over heels is a mild way of putting how crazy he is for us.  Seems like he’s always showing us his cock, therefore it was our duty to MILFicize him. The other night we invited him over to play cards with us. Sitting him on the couch between us, we told him we were going to play strip poker. Seems like those words got his attention, because his soldier was at full salute.

Of course we lost on purpose! We wanted to see just how hard we could make him. And when we started making out in front of him. He whimpered like a puppy dog. Jerk your cock for us baby. The faster you jerk the naughtier we get. As I slipped my face between Nicole’s breasts, she looked his way. She held out her finger and it was dripping wet. ‘Wanna taste of Roxy’s honey pot?’, she whispered. Shaking his head yes, he leaned forward and opened his mouth. I smiled as her finger was on the edge of his lips and then guess what happened! Are you ready for a MILFalicious time? Cum bring your MILF money, and our MILF shakes can be all yours!

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