Pretty feet in open-toed shoes is your fetish, isn’t it?

Pretty feet, pink painted toes, high arches, and soft heels and that’s all I have to whisper in your ear for you to turn instantly hard. And when I bring out the party favors to get you really fucked up you will do anything I want. The tops of my feet look so tantalizing with those white lines laid on top of them just waiting for you to take it up your nose.  You won’t just do one line at a time, you’ll do two and then beg me for more. And once I have you high as a fucking kite and wanting more, then that’s when the real play time will begin.

I look so sweet and seductive but underneath it all, I’m an evil bitch when it comes to getting what I want. My voice always lures you in and then I know just what buttons to push to get you to do exactly as I want. You want to ride those rails and feel so good, then there are a few things I want you to do first! And as you see me stand up and walk across the room, opening the front door in just my panties, thigh high stockings and heels, you see my treat for the evening walk in.

A black gentleman with the biggest cock you’ve ever seen, and as I look right at you.

I say those words that make your cock throb so good. Big black cocks are made to fuck me and you to clean up afterward! Do you want another line? Do you want to jerk your cock off between my sexy soft feet? Then get on your knees and lick that pussy and dick as it slides in and out of my perfect pink box. I want you to feel those heavy sticky balls beating the underside of your chin and I want you to jerk your cock and get off to it. And that’s only the beginning of our play time darling you just never know what buttons I’m going to push! Cum play with me and find out what I have in store for you.

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