I Was About To Try  The Choking Fetish

This new boyfriend of mine can get a bit rough. I was shocked when the first time we had sex he grabbed me by the throat and started to choke me. I wasn’t expecting that. But after the shock wore off, I didn’t mind it and it kind of turned me on. I like being handled by a man that is confident. He was acting more dominant than most guys I’ve been with and it turned me on. He took me by the shoulders and pushed me down to kneel on the floor in front of him. And he told me to suck his cock.

I reached up and unzipped him and he had this look in his eyes, very intense. And it made me feel unlike any man had made me feel before and I sucked him and I know he liked it. But he reached down and wrapped his hand around my throat. He didn’t choke me too hard, but still, I couldn’t breathe. When he came he released my throat and I was gasping for air. The next night we were having sex and he was on top of me. And he again grabbed my neck and pressed his thumb against my artery. I could feel myself about to pass out from lack of oxygen.choke Dana

He Was Into Masturbating While Choking Himself With A Rope Or A Belt

He told me how when he masturbated he often liked to wrap something around his throat.Like a rope or a belt and it would heighten his orgasm and had anyone ever choked me before during sex? I said no, Id not had that done and he felt it would heighten my orgasm if I let him do it. But I was afraid it would go too far. But he said he knew when to take the pressure off of my neck. I continued to allow him to do it and the sex was better. It was a more intense orgasm from feeling him cutting off my air supply.

It Gave Me A Kinky Rush And I loved It!

We were fucking doggy style one night. And he was gripping my left breast in his hand .He then wrapped his other hand around my throat to choke me. And I was feeling his rock hard cock gliding in and out of me. His balls slapping against me with every thrust. And I was feeling close to orgasm and a bit dizzy from him choking me. And all of a sudden I came and I did briefly faint. I woke up with him lightly slapping my face to bring me too. I felt wonderful, but was a bit out of it.

This combination of choking and sex was a new thing for me. And I’d get used to it and was already liking it a bit. Since it was different than other things I’d tried. And one time he wanted to masturbate in front of me . And did it with a tie wrapped around his neck.   I was a bit scared, but as soon as he came he released it. And it was fine and he said it helped him have such a better orgasm, and I was finding that out, after all, I’d never fainted from cumming before, so it was intense for me as well.

Sexy LiL Dana

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