Sensory deprivation is sensory play

In sex, our senses mean everything. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. When it comes to sex, the first instinct is usually to dive in and enjoy a full sensory overload including sight, touch, sound, and taste. But what happens if you limit one or more of your senses? The mind explodes when we take our senses away. Visions, distortions, and even hallucinations. In other words: without the distractions, the mind tends to go into overdrive. We can use this to our advantage during a hot fuck session though.

Being blind in an unknown place, take away senses

Without the eyes to make sense of the situation, other senses will be striving to make sense of it. Whether you go in for a proper silk blindfold, or you make use of an old bandana, the idea here is ensuring that sight is not an option. Roleplay some hot kidnapping! Blindfold them and guide them to a room they’ve never been in! Letting your mind fill the gap between reduced inputs will unleash the ecstatic erotic satisfaction. Gently touch them. For the ideal intro into sensory-deprived sex, you need to build some tension before the act itself. Think of it like this – you don’t want your partner to just feel sensory deprived, you want them to feel deprived all over.

Enhanced feeling

Start with some teasing, kissing, and some light foreplay, like a bit of dry humping. Once both of you are well in the mood, instead of progressing further, proceed to perform a full deprivation. The point is to reduce sensory inputs until the senses get sharpened. the absence of visual and verbal clues of what is about to happen next will greatly increase the erotic tension. The excitement comes from slowly increasing the intensity, combining different methods, and mind games that turn a simple experience into something very erotic and intense. I also LOVE the sound of a whip or belt cracking.

Extreme teasing to take away senses

There are a million different ways to restrict someone’s movement. You could tie them to bedposts, use belts or handcuffs, rope, or tape! Another one of my favorite ways to restrict touch is to wear a latex outfit. This way my little submissive will become even more desperate. Imagine… You are naked, blindfolded, tied to a bed, and you have no idea where you are. What you do know, however, is that I am in charge. You hear the clicks of my heels as I walk around you. Then, you shiver as I drag my smooth latex fingers down your face and into your mouth. You have no idea where I will touch you next, and you have no idea what I will touch you with. Maybe, I’ll surprise you by dropping my dirty panties right on your nose.

I’ll sit my latex-covered pussy down on your mouth. The smooth, thin fabric allows you to feel my pussy, but it’s such a tease. You’ll be begging to taste me.

Come give me a call <3 Let’s create a spicy roleplay. I’ll push you to your limits 😉


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke