One of my greatest lovers and I get into really kinky taboo role play

Together we like to switch back and forth from being dommes or subs to each other. Sometimes I taboo role play his fabulous wife with our kinky high society lifestyle. Lately, it has been turning me on to be his complacent servant “Betsy.” Maybe because I was once a part of the high society, and I am now just a lowly servant girl. I have to follow my mistress everywhere I go with my head hanging low. I must prepare her every morning, afternoon, and evening for her daily tasks and appointments. Being a servant to her is a privilege. Although, she gets something out of having me. An attractive, formerly wealthy girl as her servant. She’s a demanding woman, and I need to tend to her every need when serving her as Betsy.

I enjoy being a servant girl. It makes me a switch when it comes to role play adult chat. I like to be in control sometimes, and other times I want to feel like I am just the punished, edged, dirty little sub. I am just slaving over this woman and her gorgeous, massive cock having a lover.

Sometimes our taboo role play turns into a full-on fantasy

I’m bathing her in the mornings. She orders me around to do her every task. I’m mainly feeding the woman by hand in this phone sex fantasy. Recently I asked her help in taking out a loan. She blackmailed me into being her little servant girl for life. I must attend to her every whim. I watch as she and her handsome younger lawyer/lover have raging hot sex. Finally, I am ordered to stand and watch as he plunges his giant cock in and out of her perfect pussy.

All of a sudden, he pulls out of her I am ordered over to retrieve her silk sheets that have been entirely soiled by her lover’s cum. As I feel humiliated and completely ashamed of being her little bedroom servant girl, I think about how I used to be in her position. Quickly, I clean up the mess while thinking about my past.

Having a man worship me, and having a servant girl at my side at all times, addressing my every whim. I used to be like her. It makes me seduce her lover and take over her empire. Now, I am the pathetic little servant girl, and she is the incredible, gorgeous, cougar millionaire.

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